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SConnNetInfo Struct Reference

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#include <connect/ncbi_connutil.h>

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Public Attributes

char client_host [255+1]
TReqMethod req_method:5
EBURLScheme scheme:3
unsigned external:1
EBFWMode firewall:2
unsigned stateless:1
unsigned lb_disable:1
unsigned http_version:1
EBDebugPrintout debug_printout:2
unsigned http_push_auth:1
unsigned http_proxy_leak:1
unsigned http_proxy_skip:1
EBProxyType http_proxy_mask:2
unsigned reserved:11
char user [63+1]
char pass [63+1]
char host [255+1]
unsigned short port
char path [4095+1]
char http_proxy_host [255+1]
unsigned short http_proxy_port
char http_proxy_user [63+1]
char http_proxy_pass [63+1]
unsigned short max_try
unsigned short unused
const STimeouttimeout
const char * http_user_header
const char * http_referer
NCBI_CRED credentials
unsigned int magic
STimeout tmo
const char svc [1]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 194 of file ncbi_connutil.h.

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