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SNetServiceMap Struct Reference

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#include "netservice_api_impl.hpp"
(Private to src/connect/services.)

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Public Member Functions

 SNetServiceMap ()
 SNetServiceMap (const SNetServiceMap &source)
CNetService GetServiceByName (const string &service_name, SNetServiceImpl *prototype)
void Restrict ()
bool IsAllowed (const string &service_name) const
bool IsAllowed (CNetServer::TInstance server, SNetServiceImpl *prototype)
void AddToAllowed (const string &service_name)

Public Attributes

CFastMutex m_ServiceMapMutex
TNetServiceByName m_ServiceByName

Private Member Functions

CNetService GetServiceByNameImpl (const string &, SNetServiceImpl *)

Private Attributes

bool m_Restricted = false
set< string, PNocasem_Allowed

Detailed Description

Definition at line 381 of file netservice_api_impl.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SNetServiceMap() [1/2]

SNetServiceMap::SNetServiceMap ( )

Definition at line 385 of file netservice_api_impl.hpp.

◆ SNetServiceMap() [2/2]

SNetServiceMap::SNetServiceMap ( const SNetServiceMap source)

Definition at line 386 of file netservice_api_impl.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddToAllowed()

void SNetServiceMap::AddToAllowed ( const string service_name)

Definition at line 1436 of file netservice_api.cpp.

References set< Key, Compare >::insert(), and m_Allowed.

Referenced by SNetCacheAPIImpl::Init().

◆ GetServiceByName()

CNetService SNetServiceMap::GetServiceByName ( const string service_name,
SNetServiceImpl prototype 

Definition at line 1395 of file netservice_api.cpp.

References GetServiceByNameImpl(), and m_ServiceMapMutex.

Referenced by SNetCacheAPIImpl::ExecMirrorAware().

◆ GetServiceByNameImpl()

CNetService SNetServiceMap::GetServiceByNameImpl ( const string service_name,
SNetServiceImpl prototype 

◆ IsAllowed() [1/2]

bool SNetServiceMap::IsAllowed ( CNetServer::TInstance  server,
SNetServiceImpl prototype 

◆ IsAllowed() [2/2]

bool SNetServiceMap::IsAllowed ( const string service_name) const

Definition at line 1413 of file netservice_api.cpp.

References m_Allowed, and m_Restricted.

Referenced by SNetCacheAPIImpl::ExecMirrorAware().

◆ Restrict()

void SNetServiceMap::Restrict ( )

Definition at line 394 of file netservice_api_impl.hpp.

References m_Restricted.

Referenced by SNetCacheAPIImpl::Init().

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_Allowed

set<string, PNocase> SNetServiceMap::m_Allowed

Definition at line 403 of file netservice_api_impl.hpp.

Referenced by AddToAllowed(), and IsAllowed().

◆ m_Restricted

bool SNetServiceMap::m_Restricted = false

Definition at line 402 of file netservice_api_impl.hpp.

Referenced by IsAllowed(), and Restrict().

◆ m_ServiceByName

TNetServiceByName SNetServiceMap::m_ServiceByName

Definition at line 383 of file netservice_api_impl.hpp.

Referenced by GetServiceByNameImpl().

◆ m_ServiceMapMutex

CFastMutex SNetServiceMap::m_ServiceMapMutex

Definition at line 382 of file netservice_api_impl.hpp.

Referenced by GetServiceByName(), and IsAllowed().

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