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SPhyloCSFSlice Struct Reference

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#include <algo/gnomon/pcsf.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

TPhyloCSFScore Score (int s, TSignedSeqPos codon_left) const
TSignedSeqRange CompactRange (int s, TSignedSeqRange edited_range) const

Public Attributes

const array< SPhyloCSFCompactScore, 2 > * m_scoresp = nullptr
const CAlignMapm_map = nullptr
double m_factor = 0
TSignedSeqPos m_shift = 0

Detailed Description

Definition at line 71 of file pcsf.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ CompactRange()

TSignedSeqRange SPhyloCSFSlice::CompactRange ( int  s,
TSignedSeqRange  edited_range 
) const

◆ Score()

TPhyloCSFScore SPhyloCSFSlice::Score ( int  s,
TSignedSeqPos  codon_left 
) const

Definition at line 72 of file pcsf.hpp.

References m_map, m_scoresp, m_shift, and CAlignMap::MapEditedToOrig().

Referenced by CGnomonEngine::SelectBestReadingFrame().

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_factor

double SPhyloCSFSlice::m_factor = 0

Definition at line 101 of file pcsf.hpp.

Referenced by CSeqScores::Init(), and CGnomonEngine::SelectBestReadingFrame().

◆ m_map

const CAlignMap* SPhyloCSFSlice::m_map = nullptr

Definition at line 100 of file pcsf.hpp.

Referenced by CompactRange(), CSeqScores::Init(), and Score().

◆ m_scoresp

const array<SPhyloCSFCompactScore, 2>* SPhyloCSFSlice::m_scoresp = nullptr

◆ m_shift

TSignedSeqPos SPhyloCSFSlice::m_shift = 0

Definition at line 102 of file pcsf.hpp.

Referenced by CompactRange(), CSeqScores::Init(), and Score().

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