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SWGSFeatChunkInfo::SFeatureSet Struct Reference

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Public Member Functions

void Reset ()
void AddFeatType (NCBI_WGS_feattype feat_type)
void AddFeatRange (COpenRange< TSeqPos > range)
void AddFeature (NCBI_WGS_feattype type, COpenRange< TSeqPos > range)
bool HasFeatures () const
void AddContent (CID2S_Chunk_Info &chunk, CSeq_id &feat_id)

Static Public Member Functions

static bool ExpandRange (COpenRange< TSeqPos > &dst, COpenRange< TSeqPos > src)

Public Attributes

vector< COpenRange< TSeqPos > > loc_ranges
bitset< CSeqFeatData::e_MaxChoicefeat_types

Detailed Description

Definition at line 5521 of file wgsread.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddContent()

void SWGSFeatChunkInfo::SFeatureSet::AddContent ( CID2S_Chunk_Info chunk,
CSeq_id feat_id 

◆ AddFeatRange()

void SWGSFeatChunkInfo::SFeatureSet::AddFeatRange ( COpenRange< TSeqPos range)

Definition at line 5562 of file wgsread.cpp.

References ExpandRange(), loc_ranges, and compile_time_bits::range().

Referenced by AddFeature().

◆ AddFeatType()

void SWGSFeatChunkInfo::SFeatureSet::AddFeatType ( NCBI_WGS_feattype  feat_type)

Definition at line 5530 of file wgsread.cpp.

References CSeqFeatData_Base::e_MaxChoice, CSeqFeatData_Base::e_not_set, and feat_types.

Referenced by AddFeature().

◆ AddFeature()

void SWGSFeatChunkInfo::SFeatureSet::AddFeature ( NCBI_WGS_feattype  type,
COpenRange< TSeqPos range 

Definition at line 5568 of file wgsread.cpp.

References AddFeatRange(), AddFeatType(), and compile_time_bits::range().

Referenced by SWGSFeatChunkInfo::AddFeature().

◆ ExpandRange()

static bool SWGSFeatChunkInfo::SFeatureSet::ExpandRange ( COpenRange< TSeqPos > &  dst,
COpenRange< TSeqPos src 

◆ HasFeatures()

bool SWGSFeatChunkInfo::SFeatureSet::HasFeatures ( ) const

Definition at line 5574 of file wgsread.cpp.

References feat_types.

◆ Reset()

void SWGSFeatChunkInfo::SFeatureSet::Reset ( void  )

Definition at line 5525 of file wgsread.cpp.

References feat_types, and loc_ranges.

Member Data Documentation

◆ feat_types

bitset<CSeqFeatData::e_MaxChoice> SWGSFeatChunkInfo::SFeatureSet::feat_types

Definition at line 5523 of file wgsread.cpp.

Referenced by AddContent(), AddFeatType(), HasFeatures(), and Reset().

◆ loc_ranges

vector< COpenRange<TSeqPos> > SWGSFeatChunkInfo::SFeatureSet::loc_ranges

Definition at line 5522 of file wgsread.cpp.

Referenced by AddContent(), AddFeatRange(), and Reset().

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