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_cs_datafmt Struct Reference

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#include <dbapi/driver/ftds100/freetds/cstypes.h>

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Public Attributes

CS_CHAR name [132]
CS_INT namelen
CS_INT datatype
CS_INT format
CS_INT maxlength
CS_INT scale
CS_INT precision
CS_INT status
CS_INT count
CS_INT usertype

Detailed Description

Definition at line 121 of file cstypes.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ count

CS_INT _cs_datafmt::count

◆ datatype

CS_INT _cs_datafmt::datatype

◆ format

CS_INT _cs_datafmt::format

◆ locale

CS_LOCALE * _cs_datafmt::locale

Definition at line 133 of file cstypes.h.

Referenced by blk_describe(), ct_describe(), insert_test(), main(), and update_second_table().

◆ maxlength

CS_INT _cs_datafmt::maxlength

◆ name

CS_CHAR _cs_datafmt::name

◆ namelen

CS_INT _cs_datafmt::namelen

◆ precision

CS_INT _cs_datafmt::precision

◆ scale

CS_INT _cs_datafmt::scale

◆ status

CS_INT _cs_datafmt::status

◆ usertype

CS_INT _cs_datafmt::usertype

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