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meNode Struct Reference

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#include "graph.h"
(Private to src/algo/phy_tree/fastme.)

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Public Attributes

char label [50]
struct meEdgeparentEdge
struct meEdgeleftEdge
struct meEdgemiddleEdge
struct meEdgerightEdge
int index
int index2

Detailed Description

Definition at line 74 of file graph.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ index

int meNode::index

◆ index2

int meNode::index2

◆ label

char meNode::label[50]

◆ leftEdge

struct meEdge* meNode::leftEdge

◆ middleEdge

struct meEdge* meNode::middleEdge

Definition at line 78 of file graph.h.

Referenced by decodeNewickSubtree(), detrifurcate(), and makeNode().

◆ parentEdge

struct meEdge* meNode::parentEdge

◆ rightEdge

struct meEdge* meNode::rightEdge

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