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mz_stream_s Struct Reference

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#include "miniz.h"
(Private to src/util/compress/api/miniz.)

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Public Attributes

const unsigned char * next_in
unsigned int avail_in
mz_ulong total_in
unsigned char * next_out
unsigned int avail_out
mz_ulong total_out
char * msg
struct mz_internal_state * state
mz_alloc_func zalloc
mz_free_func zfree
void * opaque
int data_type
mz_ulong adler
mz_ulong reserved

Detailed Description

Definition at line 281 of file miniz.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ adler

mz_ulong mz_stream_s::adler

Definition at line 299 of file miniz.h.

◆ avail_in

unsigned int mz_stream_s::avail_in

Definition at line 284 of file miniz.h.

◆ avail_out

unsigned int mz_stream_s::avail_out

Definition at line 288 of file miniz.h.

◆ data_type

int mz_stream_s::data_type

Definition at line 298 of file miniz.h.

◆ msg

char* mz_stream_s::msg

Definition at line 291 of file miniz.h.

◆ next_in

const unsigned char* mz_stream_s::next_in

Definition at line 283 of file miniz.h.

◆ next_out

unsigned char* mz_stream_s::next_out

Definition at line 287 of file miniz.h.

◆ opaque

void* mz_stream_s::opaque

Definition at line 296 of file miniz.h.

◆ reserved

mz_ulong mz_stream_s::reserved

Definition at line 300 of file miniz.h.

◆ state

struct mz_internal_state* mz_stream_s::state

Definition at line 292 of file miniz.h.

◆ total_in

mz_ulong mz_stream_s::total_in

Definition at line 285 of file miniz.h.

◆ total_out

mz_ulong mz_stream_s::total_out

Definition at line 289 of file miniz.h.

◆ zalloc

mz_alloc_func mz_stream_s::zalloc

Definition at line 294 of file miniz.h.

◆ zfree

mz_free_func mz_stream_s::zfree

Definition at line 295 of file miniz.h.

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