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pcre_study_data Struct Reference

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#include "pcre_internal.h"
(Private to src/util/regexp.)

Public Attributes

pcre_uint32 size
pcre_uint32 flags
pcre_uint8 start_bits [32]
pcre_uint32 minlength

Detailed Description

Definition at line 2395 of file pcre_internal.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ flags

pcre_uint32 pcre_study_data::flags

◆ minlength

pcre_uint32 pcre_study_data::minlength

◆ size

pcre_uint32 pcre_study_data::size

Definition at line 2396 of file pcre_internal.h.

Referenced by pcre_fullinfo(), pcre_pattern_to_host_byte_order(), and pcre_study().

◆ start_bits

pcre_uint8 pcre_study_data::start_bits[32]

Definition at line 2398 of file pcre_internal.h.

Referenced by pcre_dfa_exec(), pcre_exec(), and pcre_study().

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