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recursion_info Struct Reference

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#include "pcre_internal.h"
(Private to src/util/regexp.)

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Public Attributes

struct recursion_infoprevrec
unsigned int group_num
int saved_max
int saved_capture_last
const pcre_ucharsubject_position

Detailed Description

Definition at line 2482 of file pcre_internal.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ group_num

unsigned int recursion_info::group_num

Definition at line 2484 of file pcre_internal.h.

Referenced by match().

◆ offset_save

int* recursion_info::offset_save

Definition at line 2485 of file pcre_internal.h.

◆ prevrec

struct recursion_info* recursion_info::prevrec

Definition at line 2483 of file pcre_internal.h.

Referenced by match().

◆ saved_capture_last

int recursion_info::saved_capture_last

Definition at line 2487 of file pcre_internal.h.

◆ saved_max

int recursion_info::saved_max

Definition at line 2486 of file pcre_internal.h.

◆ subject_position

const pcre_uchar* recursion_info::subject_position

Definition at line 2488 of file pcre_internal.h.

Referenced by match().

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