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table2asn_validator.hpp File Reference
#include <objects/valerr/ValidErrItem.hpp>
#include <objtools/validator/validator_context.hpp>
#include <objtools/validator/huge_file_validator.hpp>
#include <objects/valerr/ValidError.hpp>
#include "utils.hpp"
#include <queue>
#include <atomic>
#include <mutex>
#include <condition_variable>
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struct  SSevStats
class  CValidMessageHandler
class  CTable2AsnValidator
class  CTable2AsnValidator::TErrorStats




using TValStats = array< SSevStats, objects::CValidErrItem::eSev_trace >


void g_FormatErrItem (const objects::CValidErrItem &item, CNcbiOstream &ostr)
void g_FormatValStats (const TValStats &stats, size_t total, CNcbiOstream &ostr)

Typedef Documentation

◆ TValStats

using TValStats = array<SSevStats, objects::CValidErrItem::eSev_trace>

Definition at line 36 of file table2asn_validator.hpp.

Function Documentation

◆ g_FormatErrItem()

void g_FormatErrItem ( const objects::CValidErrItem &  item,
CNcbiOstream ostr 

◆ g_FormatValStats()

void g_FormatValStats ( const TValStats stats,
size_t  total,
CNcbiOstream ostr 
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