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tcp_daemon.cpp File Reference
#include <ncbi_pch.hpp>
#include "tcp_daemon.hpp"
#include "pubseq_gateway.hpp"
#include "pubseq_gateway_utils.hpp"
#include "http_request.hpp"
#include "active_proc_per_request.hpp"
#include "shutdown_data.hpp"
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void CollectGarbage (void)
void RegisterUVLoop (uv_thread_t uv_thread, uv_loop_t *uv_loop)
void RegisterDaemonUVLoop (uv_thread_t uv_thread, uv_loop_t *uv_loop)
void UnregisterUVLoop (uv_thread_t uv_thread)
void CancelAllProcessors (void)


SShutdownData g_ShutdownData

Function Documentation

◆ CancelAllProcessors()

void CancelAllProcessors ( void  )

◆ CollectGarbage()

void CollectGarbage ( void  )

◆ RegisterDaemonUVLoop()

void RegisterDaemonUVLoop ( uv_thread_t  uv_thread,
uv_loop_t *  uv_loop 

◆ RegisterUVLoop()

void RegisterUVLoop ( uv_thread_t  uv_thread,
uv_loop_t *  uv_loop 

◆ UnregisterUVLoop()

void UnregisterUVLoop ( uv_thread_t  uv_thread)

Variable Documentation

◆ g_ShutdownData

SShutdownData g_ShutdownData
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