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value_convert_policy.hpp File Reference
#include <corelib/ncbitime.hpp>
#include <corelib/ncbiexpt.hpp>
#include <limits>
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class  CInvalidConversionException
struct  value_slice::SSafeCP
struct  value_slice::SRunTimeCP
struct  value_slice::SLessThanTypeMin< x_is_signed, y_is_signed >
struct  value_slice::SLessThanTypeMin< false, true >
struct  value_slice::SLessThanTypeMin< true, false >
struct  value_slice::SGreaterThanTypeMax< true, true >
struct  value_slice::SGreaterThanTypeMax< false, true >
struct  value_slice::SGreaterThanTypeMax< true, false >
struct  value_slice::SGreaterThanTypeMax< false, false >
struct  value_slice::SConvertUsingRunTimeCP< to_is_integer, from_is_integer >
struct  value_slice::SConvertUsingRunTimeCP< true, true >
class  value_slice::CConvPolicy< SRunTimeCP, bool >
class  value_slice::CConvPolicy< SRunTimeCP, Int1 >
class  value_slice::CConvPolicy< SRunTimeCP, Uint1 >
class  value_slice::CConvPolicy< SRunTimeCP, Int2 >
class  value_slice::CConvPolicy< SRunTimeCP, Uint2 >
class  value_slice::CConvPolicy< SRunTimeCP, Int4 >
class  value_slice::CConvPolicy< SRunTimeCP, Uint4 >
class  value_slice::CConvPolicy< SRunTimeCP, long >
class  value_slice::CConvPolicy< SRunTimeCP, unsigned long >
class  value_slice::CConvPolicy< SRunTimeCP, Int8 >
class  value_slice::CConvPolicy< SRunTimeCP, Uint8 >
class  value_slice::CConvPolicy< SRunTimeCP, string >
class  value_slice::CConvPolicy< SRunTimeCP, float >
class  value_slice::CConvPolicy< SRunTimeCP, double >
class  value_slice::CConvPolicy< SRunTimeCP, long double >
class  value_slice::CConvPolicy< SRunTimeCP, CTime >
class  value_slice::CConvPolicy< SSafeCP, bool >
class  value_slice::CConvPolicy< SSafeCP, Int1 >
class  value_slice::CConvPolicy< SSafeCP, Uint1 >
class  value_slice::CConvPolicy< SSafeCP, Int2 >
class  value_slice::CConvPolicy< SSafeCP, Uint2 >
class  value_slice::CConvPolicy< SSafeCP, Int4 >
class  value_slice::CConvPolicy< SSafeCP, Uint4 >
class  value_slice::CConvPolicy< SSafeCP, long >
class  value_slice::CConvPolicy< SSafeCP, unsigned long >
class  value_slice::CConvPolicy< SSafeCP, Int8 >
class  value_slice::CConvPolicy< SSafeCP, Uint8 >
class  value_slice::CConvPolicy< SSafeCP, string >
class  value_slice::CConvPolicy< SSafeCP, float >
class  value_slice::CConvPolicy< SSafeCP, double >
class  value_slice::CConvPolicy< SSafeCP, CTime >






template<typename TO , typename FROM >
TO value_slice::ConvertUsingRunTimeCP (const FROM &value)

Macro Definition Documentation


NCBI_THROW(CInvalidConversionException, eInvalidConversion, \
"Invalid run-time type conversion (unable to convert " x ").")
#define NCBI_THROW(exception_class, err_code, message)
Generic macro to throw an exception, given the exception class, error code and message string.
Definition: ncbiexpt.hpp:704

Definition at line 63 of file value_convert_policy.hpp.


NCBI_THROW(CInvalidConversionException, eInvalidConversion, \
FORMAT("Invalid run-time type conversion (unable to convert " \
<< x << ")."))
#define FORMAT(message)
Format message using iostreams library.
Definition: ncbiexpt.hpp:672

Definition at line 58 of file value_convert_policy.hpp.

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