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xgbfeat.h File Reference
#include <objects/seqfeat/Gb_qual.hpp>
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#define GB_FEAT_ERR_NONE   0
#define GB_FEAT_ERR_SILENT   1
#define GB_FEAT_ERR_DROP   3


typedef std::vector< CRef< objects::CGb_qual > > TQualVector


int XGBFeatKeyQualValid (objects::CSeqFeatData::ESubtype subtype, TQualVector &quals, bool error_msgs, bool perform_corrections)

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#define GB_FEAT_ERR_DROP   3

Definition at line 22 of file xgbfeat.h.


#define GB_FEAT_ERR_NONE   0

Definition at line 19 of file xgbfeat.h.



Definition at line 21 of file xgbfeat.h.


#define GB_FEAT_ERR_SILENT   1

Definition at line 20 of file xgbfeat.h.

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◆ TQualVector

typedef std::vector<CRef<objects::CGb_qual> > TQualVector

Definition at line 12 of file xgbfeat.h.

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◆ XGBFeatKeyQualValid()

int XGBFeatKeyQualValid ( objects::CSeqFeatData::ESubtype  subtype,
TQualVector quals,
bool  error_msgs,
bool  perform_corrections 
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