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xgbparint.h File Reference
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typedef std::list< CRef< objects::CSeq_id > > TSeqIdList
typedef std::list< CRef< objects::CSeq_loc > > TSeqLocList
typedef void(* X_gbparse_errfunc) (const Char *, const Char *)
typedef Int4(* X_gbparse_rangefunc) (void *, const objects::CSeq_id &id)


void xinstall_gbparse_error_handler (X_gbparse_errfunc new_func)
void xinstall_gbparse_range_func (void *data, X_gbparse_rangefunc new_func)
CRef< objects::CSeq_loc > xgbparseint_ver (const char *raw_intervals, bool &keep_rawPt, int &num_errsPt, const TSeqIdList &seq_ids, bool accver)


const Charseqlitdbtag
const Charunkseqlitdbtag

Typedef Documentation

◆ TSeqIdList

typedef std::list<CRef<objects::CSeq_id> > TSeqIdList

Definition at line 13 of file xgbparint.h.

◆ TSeqLocList

typedef std::list<CRef<objects::CSeq_loc> > TSeqLocList

Definition at line 14 of file xgbparint.h.

◆ X_gbparse_errfunc

typedef void(* X_gbparse_errfunc) (const Char *, const Char *)

Definition at line 16 of file xgbparint.h.

◆ X_gbparse_rangefunc

typedef Int4(* X_gbparse_rangefunc) (void *, const objects::CSeq_id &id)

Definition at line 17 of file xgbparint.h.

Function Documentation

◆ xgbparseint_ver()

CRef<objects::CSeq_loc> xgbparseint_ver ( const char *  raw_intervals,
bool keep_rawPt,
int num_errsPt,
const TSeqIdList seq_ids,
bool  accver 

◆ xinstall_gbparse_error_handler()

void xinstall_gbparse_error_handler ( X_gbparse_errfunc  new_func)

Definition at line 110 of file xgbparint.cpp.

References Err_func.

Referenced by GetTrnaAnticodon().

◆ xinstall_gbparse_range_func()

void xinstall_gbparse_range_func ( void *  data,
X_gbparse_rangefunc  new_func 

Definition at line 117 of file xgbparint.cpp.

References Range_func, and xgbparse_range_data.

Referenced by LoadFeat().

Variable Documentation

◆ seqlitdbtag

const Char* seqlitdbtag

Definition at line 55 of file xgbparint.cpp.

Referenced by XGapToSeqLocEx(), and XISAGappedSeqLoc().

◆ unkseqlitdbtag

const Char* unkseqlitdbtag

Definition at line 56 of file xgbparint.cpp.

Referenced by XGappedSeqLocsToDeltaSeqs(), XGapToSeqLocEx(), and XISAGappedSeqLoc().

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