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zlib_cloudflare.hpp File Reference

ZLib Compression API - Cloudflare ZLIB wrapper ( More...

#include <util/compress/stream.hpp>
#include <util/compress/zlib.hpp>
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class  CZipCloudflareCompression
 CZipCloudflareCompression –. More...
struct  CZipCloudflareCompression::SFileInfo
 Structure to keep compressed file information. More...
class  CZipCloudflareCompressionFile
 CZipCloudflareCompressionFile –. More...
class  CZipCloudflareCompressor
 CZipCloudflareCompressor – zlib based compressor. More...
class  CZipCloudflareDecompressor
 CZipCloudflareDecompressor – zlib based decompressor. More...
class  CZipCloudflareStreamCompressor
 CZipCloudflareStreamCompressor – zlib based compression stream processor. More...
class  CZipCloudflareStreamDecompressor
 CZipCloudflareStreamDecompressor – zlib based decompression stream processor. More...


void g_GZip_Cloudflare_ScanForChunks (CNcbiIstream &is, IChunkHandler &handler)
 Get list of positions of separate gzip files in the concatenated gzip file. More...

Detailed Description

ZLib Compression API - Cloudflare ZLIB wrapper (

CZipCloudflareCompression - base methods for compression/decompression memory buffers and files. CZipCloudflareCompressionFile - allow read/write operations on files in zlib or gzip (.gz) format. CZipCloudflareCompressor - zlib based compressor (used in CZipCloudflareStreamCompressor). CZipCloudflareDecompressor - zlib based decompressor (used in CZipCloudflareStreamDecompressor). CZipCloudflareStreamCompressor - zlib based compression stream processor (see util/compress/stream.hpp for details). CZipCloudflareStreamDecompressor - zlib based decompression stream processor (see util/compress/stream.hpp for details).

The zlib documentation can be found here:, or

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