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zstd.hpp File Reference

Zstandard (zstd) Compression API. More...

#include <util/compress/stream.hpp>
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Detailed Description

Zstandard (zstd) Compression API.

Requires zstd v1.4.0+.

Zstandard, or zstd, is a fast lossless compression algorithm, targeting real-time compression scenarios at zlib-level and better compression ratios.

CZstdCompression - base methods for compression/decompression memory buffers and files. CZstdCompressionFile - allow read/write operations on files in .zst format. CZstdCompressor - zstd based compressor (used in CZstdStreamCompressor). CZstdDecompressor - zstd based decompressor (used in CZstdStreamDecompressor). CZstdStreamCompressor - zstd based compression stream processor (see util/compress/stream.hpp for details). CZstdStreamDecompressor - zstd based decompression stream processor (see util/compress/stream.hpp for details).

The Zstandard documentation and format can be found here:

zstd ia an optional compression component and can be missed on a current platform. It is recommended to guard its usage:

if defined(HAVE_LIBZSTD) // use zstd related code here #else // some backup code, or error reporting #endif

See also comments at the beginning of "compress.hpp".

Definition in file zstd.hpp.

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