3D Macromolecular Structures
How to find 3D structures for a gene or protein product of interest

Search method 1 will work if a 3D structure has already been resolved for your protein of interest. However, the number of resolved structures is far smaller than the number of protein sequences, so it's possible you might not find 3D structures for the exact protein of interest. In that case, you can use method 2 or method 3 to retrieve the 3D structures of homologous proteins.

  Method 1:   Search the Entrez Structure database directly for terms(s) of interest   example: retrieve 3D structures for prostaglandin synthase (cyclooxygenase)  
  Method 2:   Search the Entrez Protein database for terms(s) of interest, open the Links menu for protein sequence record(s) of interest, and select the Related Structures option   example: start with prostaglandin synthase protein sequences  
  Method 3:   Search the Entrez Gene database for a gene of interest, view its protein translation in the Entrez Protein database, then follow the link from the protein sequence record to Related Structures   example: start with the human PTGS1 gene record  
Header for illustration that shows how to start in the Entrez Gene or Entrez Protein database and retrieve related 3D structures.
Illustration showing how to retrieve 3D structures for a gene or protein product of interest, in this case the human PTGS1 gene, which produces the prostaglandin-endoperoxide synthase 1 protein.

See also: additional note about links from Entrez Protein sequence records to structure records, and how to align a query protein to a similar sequence from a 3D structure and interactively view sequence/structure relationships.

Revised 23 September 2016