Conserved Domains and Protein Classification
How to identify a protein's classification based on domain architecture

SPARCLE (Subfamily Protein Architecture Labeling Engine)

To use SPARCLE, you can either:

Example and additional notes:

  • DNA gyrase B (NP_387887), an antibiotic target, has a conserved domain architecture of a histidine kinase-like ATPase domain, a transducer domain, a topoisomerase-primase domain, followed by a type II topoisomerase carboxy domain (labeled as a DNA gyrase B domain by Pfam).

  • Topoisomerase IV (Q45066), an enzyme of similar function, has a different domain architecture, as can be seen in the:

    • CD-Search results for Q45066. The domain architecture of this enzyme is different than the architecture of DNA gyrase, despite the similarity in enzyme function. Note that the CD-Search results do not yet include a "Protein Classification" section above the graphical summary of conserved domains. This is because a curated SPARCLE record does not yet exist for this domain architecture. When a SPARCLE record becomes available, the CD-Search results display will include a Protein Classification" section and a link to the corresponding domain architecture.

Revised 17 July 2017