Conserved Domains and Protein Classification
How to identify the putative function of a protein sequence

CD-Search results concise display (default), which shows only the top-scoring hits for each region of the query sequence (protein GI 157830769, Cyclodextrin Glucanotransferase). Click anywhere on the graphic to open the actual, interactive CD-Search results page.

  The example above shows the search results, as of October 22, 2014, for protein GI 157830769 (Cyclodextrin Glucanotransferase). Hit types in the concise display can include specific hits, the superfamily to which the highest-ranking hit belongs, and multi-domain models. The CDD help document provides more information about: (1) display elements such as the colors/shapes used for the domain cartoons, the small triangles that represent conserved features/sites, the double-headed arrows that represent structural motifs; (2) display controls such as horizontal zoom and zoom to residue level; and (3) the options to search for similar domain architectures and refine search.

Click anywhere on the illustration to open the current, interactive CD-Search: Concise results page for protein GI 157830769. (Note: The live web page may look different from the illustration shown here, because the Conserved Domain Database continues to evolve with the addition of new data and the refinement of algorithms to identify specific hits and superfamilies. However, the concepts shown in the illustration remain stable.)
Revised 26 September 2016