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MIMAG Metagenome-assembled Genome sample from Methylococcaceae bacterium

BioSample: SAMN34051047; Sample name: CSMAG_2854
Methylococcaceae bacterium
cellular organisms; Bacteria; Pseudomonadota; Gammaproteobacteria; Methylococcales; Methylococcaceae; unclassified Methylococcaceae
MIMAG: metagenome-assembled genome, sediment; version 6.0
isolation sourcecold seep
collection datenot applicable
geographic locationnot applicable
latitude and longitudenot applicable
depthnot applicable
elevationnot applicable
broad-scale environmental contextnot applicable
local-scale environmental contextnot applicable
environmental mediumnot applicable
alkalinitynot applicable
alkyl diethersnot applicable
altitudenot applicable
aminopeptidase activitynot applicable
ammoniumnot applicable
bacterial carbon productionnot applicable
biomassnot applicable
bishomohopanolnot applicable
bromidenot applicable
calciumnot applicable
carbon/nitrogen rationot applicable
chemical administrationnot applicable
chloridenot applicable
chlorophyllnot applicable
collection method not applicable
densitynot applicable
diether lipidsnot applicable
dissolved carbon dioxidenot applicable
dissolved hydrogennot applicable
dissolved inorganic carbonnot applicable
dissolved organic carbonnot applicable
dissolved organic nitrogennot applicable
dissolved oxygennot applicable
experimental factornot applicable
glucosidase activitynot applicable
magnesiumnot applicable
mean friction velocitynot applicable
mean peak friction velocitynot applicable
methanenot applicable
miscellaneous parameternot applicable
n alkanesnot applicable
negative control typenot applicable
nitratenot applicable
nitritenot applicable
nitrogennot applicable
Omics Observatory IDnot applicable
organic carbonnot applicable
organic matternot applicable
organic nitrogennot applicable
organism countnot applicable
oxygenation status of samplenot applicable
particulate organic carbonnot applicable
particle classificationnot applicable
perturbationnot applicable
petroleum hydrocarbonnot applicable
pHnot applicable
phaeopigmentsnot applicable
phosphatenot applicable
phospholipid fatty acidnot applicable
porositynot applicable
positive control typenot applicable
potassiumnot applicable
pressurenot applicable
redox potentialnot applicable
reference for biomaterialnot applicable
relationship to oxygennot applicable
salinitynot applicable
sample collection device or methodnot applicable
sample material processingnot applicable
sample sizenot applicable
sample storage durationnot applicable
sample storage locationnot applicable
sample storage temperaturenot applicable
sample volume or weight for DNA extractionnot applicable
sediment typenot applicable
silicatenot applicable
size fraction selectednot applicable
sodiumnot applicable
source material identifiersnot applicable
sulfatenot applicable
sulfidenot applicable
temperaturenot applicable
tidal stagenot applicable
total carbonnot applicable
total depth of water columnnot applicable
total nitrogennot applicable
total organic carbonnot applicable
turbiditynot applicable
water contentnot applicable
sample typemetagenomic assembly
metagenome sourcecold seep metagenome
derived fromSAMN19781627
replicatebiological replicate 2854
SRA accessionSRR14923477

not applicable

Keywords: GSC:MIxS;MIMAG:6.0

PRJNA950938 cold seep sediments
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Third Institute of Oceanography, Ministry of Natural Resources, Yingchun Han; 2023-04-03

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