Table 5.

Treatment of Manifestations in Individuals with Cockayne Syndrome

Poor growth Feeding gastrostomy tube placement as needed. Note: Avoid rapid ↑ in volume of feeds.
Developmental delay /
Intellectual disability
See Developmental Delay / Intellectual Disability Management Issues.
Tremor - spasticity
  • Medication for tremor (carbidopa-levodopa [Neilan et al 2008]) & spasticity (baclofen) if needed
  • PT to prevent joint contractures
  • Home safety assessments to prevent falls
Abnormal vision and/or cataracts
  • Standard treatment(s) per ophthalmologist
  • Use of sunglasses for lens & retina protection
Hearing loss
  • Hearing aids may be helpful; per otolaryngologist.
  • Cochlear implants may be used [Van Wyhe et al 2018].
Dental caries Aggressive dental care to minimize caries
Cutaneous photosensitivity Use of sunscreens; limitation of sun exposure
Hypertension Amlodipine, ACE inhibitor
Gastroesophageal reflux Proton pump inhibitor

PT = physical therapy

From: Cockayne Syndrome

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