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Molecular Structure Image for pfam16777

RHH_7: Transcriptional regulator, RHH-like, CopG

RHH_7 is a ribbon-helix-helix protein family expressed by Helicobacter species. These proteins bind ...

Molecular Structure Image for NF033705

helico_Hpn: nickel storage protein Hpn

Hpn (Helicobacter pylori nickel) is a histidine-rich polypeptide, 60 amino acids in length, capable ...

Molecular Structure Image for NF033704

helico_Hpn_like: nickel-binding protein HpnL

The Hpn-like protein HpnL, or Hpn-2, including founding member HP1432, is a histidine and glutamine-...

Molecular Structure Image for NF033422

onco_T4SS_CagA: type IV secretion system oncogenic effector CagA

CagA, an effector injected into host cells by the type IV secretion system (T4SS) apparatus of Helic...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam16707

CagS: Cag pathogenicity island protein S of Helicobacter pylori

CagS is a family of proteins from the pathogenicity island of Helicobacter pylori. The gene lies jus...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam14585

CagY_I: CagY type 1 repeat

This repeat is found at the N-terminus of the CagY proteins - part of the CAG pathogenicity island -...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam18304

SabA_adhesion: SabA N-terminal extracellular adhesion domain

This is the N-terminal extracellular adhesion domain of Sialic acid binding adhesin (SabA) present i...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam16567

CagD: Pathogenicity island component CagD

CagD is a tightly conserved family of proteins found in the pathogenic strains of Helicobacter speci...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam07337

CagY_M: DC-EC Repeat

This repeat is found in the CagY proteins - part of the CAG pathogenicity island - and involved in d...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam05917

DUF874: Helicobacter pylori protein of unknown function (DUF874)

This family consists of several hypothetical proteins specific to Helicobacter pylori. The function ...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam01856

HP_OMP: Helicobacter outer membrane protein

This family seems confined to Helicobacter. It is predicted to be an outer membrane protein based on...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam05862

IceA2: Helicobacter pylori IceA2 protein

This family consists of several Helicobacter pylori specific IceA2 proteins. The function of this fa...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam02691

VacA: Vacuolating cyotoxin

This family consists of Vacuolating cyotoxin proteins form Proteobacteria. These proteins are an imp...

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