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dbVar Genome Browser

What's New in this Version

dbVar Genome Browser, version 2.8 Released July 25, 2019

  • New Features and Improvements
    • Updated to Generic Browser Components v.2.7.0

Previous Releases

dbVar Genome Browser, version 2.6 Released December, 2015

  • New features
    • Added an interface for uploading of user data files to the browser entry page
    • Searches like "4:10000000" or "X:30000000-35000000" are now treated as location searches, equivalent to "chr4:10000000" or "chrX:30000000-35000000". The "chr" prefix for chromosome names can be omitted in location searches.
    • Search now supports GenBank sequence identifiers like CM000667.2 and HSCHR6_MHC_APD_CTG1. These can also be combined with more specific genomic coordinates, e.g. CM000667.2:1000000-1500000.
    • The first search result is now automatically selected if its name matches the searched term. For example, searching "APOE" or "rs334" seamlessly loads APOE or rs334 into view, without users needing to manually select the first row.
    • Updates to supported URL parameters. See Help Documentation for more information.