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    Variant Region IDTypeNumber of Variant CallsStudy IDOrganismClinical AssertionLocationGenes in region
    nsv431186complex substitution1nstd12human NCBI35 chr15: 18,427,103-20,089,383 , GRCh37.p13 chr15: 20,167,089-22,588,019 , GRCh38.p12 chr15: 19,961,836-22,300,068 NBEAP1, OR4H6P, 98 more genes
    nsv431277complex substitution1nstd12human NCBI35 chr15: 18,682,601-20,089,383 , GRCh37.p13 chr15: 20,422,587-22,588,019 , GRCh38.p12 chr15: 20,217,334-22,300,068 NBEAP1, OR4H6P, 89 more genes

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