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Streptococcus mutans

Streptococcus mutans is a species of firmicute in the family Streptococcaceae.

Taxonomy ID: 1309

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Name/Gene IDDescriptionLocationAliases
ID: 66817684
carbohydrate ABC transporter permease [Streptococcus mutans]F5989_RS02295, F5989_02330
ID: 66818335
metal-dependent transcriptional regulator SloR [Streptococcus mutans]F5989_RS05650, F5989_05735
ID: 66817984
DNA starvation/stationary phase protection protein [Streptococcus mutans]F5989_RS03860, F5989_03915
ID: 66817864
NADP-dependent glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase [Streptococcus mutans]F5989_RS03240, F5989_03285
ID: 66818109
biofilm formation/cell division transcriptional regulator BrpA [Streptococcus mutans]F5989_RS04495, F5989_04560
ID: 66817474
three-component system sensor histidine kinase CiaH [Streptococcus mutans]F5989_RS01230, F5989_01255
ID: 66817473
three-component system response regulator CiaR [Streptococcus mutans]F5989_RS01225, F5989_01250
ID: 66819103
transcriptional regulator LacR [Streptococcus mutans]F5989_RS09570, F5989_09750
ID: 66818265
rhamnose-glucose polysaccharide biosynthesis protein RgpB [Streptococcus mutans]F5989_RS05290, F5989_05375
ID: 66817902
glucosamine-6-phosphate deaminase NagB [Streptococcus mutans]F5989_RS03435, F5989_03480
ID: 66817681
glucan 1,6-alpha-glucosidase DexB [Streptococcus mutans]F5989_RS02280, F5989_02315
ID: 66818899
membrane protein insertase YidC2 [Streptococcus mutans]F5989_RS08545, F5989_08715
ID: 66818177
membrane protein insertase YidC1 [Streptococcus mutans]F5989_RS04835, F5989_04905
ID: 66817663
glucosyltransferase-S [Streptococcus mutans]F5989_RS02190, F5989_02225
ID: 66817952
two-component system sensor histidine kinase LytS [Streptococcus mutans]F5989_RS03695, F5989_03750
ID: 66818711
co-chaperone GroES [Streptococcus mutans]F5989_RS07580, F5989_07720
ID: 66819150
ribonuclease J2 [Streptococcus mutans]F5989_RS09815, F5989_09995
ID: 66817536
putative DNA-binding protein [Streptococcus mutans]F5989_RS01540, F5989_01570
ID: 66819024
catabolite control protein A [Streptococcus mutans]F5989_RS09175, F5989_09350
ID: 66819091
response regulator YycF [Streptococcus mutans]F5989_RS09510, F5989_09690
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