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Chroodactylon ornatum

Chroodactylon ornatum is a species of red algae in the family Stylonemataceae.

Taxonomy ID: 139907

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    Name/Gene IDDescriptionLocationAliases
    ID: 71736698
    16S ribosomal RNA [Chroodactylon ornatum]NC_062381.1 (102..1578)MW609_pgr001
    ID: 71736697
    thiamine biosynthesis protein S [Chroodactylon ornatum]NC_062381.1 (200033..200242)MW609_pgp005
    ID: 71736696
    photosystem II protein N [Chroodactylon ornatum]NC_062381.1 (188881..189042)MW609_pgp014
    ID: 71736695
    acyl carrier protein [Chroodactylon ornatum]NC_062381.1 (180110..180925, complement)MW609_pgp018
    ID: 71736694
    photosystem II protein W [Chroodactylon ornatum]NC_062381.1 (170763..171104)MW609_pgp027
    ID: 71736693
    cysteine desulfurase activator complex subunit SufB [Chroodactylon ornatum]NC_062381.1 (128017..129474)MW609_pgp065
    ID: 71736691
    photosystem II protein H [Chroodactylon ornatum]NC_062381.1 (118196..118399)MW609_pgp076
    ID: 71736690
    ribosomal protein L9 [Chroodactylon ornatum]NC_062381.1 (115651..116124)MW609_pgp078
    ID: 71736689
    molybdopterin biosynthesis protein [Chroodactylon ornatum]NC_062381.1 (114343..115467)MW609_pgp079
    ID: 71736688
    phycytochrome bilisome core-membrane linker protein [Chroodactylon ornatum]NC_062381.1 (110530..113208, complement)MW609_pgp081
    ID: 71736685
    photosystem II protein X [Chroodactylon ornatum]NC_062381.1 (108116..108235)MW609_pgp084
    ID: 71736684
    tryptophan synthase alpha subunit [Chroodactylon ornatum]NC_062381.1 (106570..107373, complement)MW609_pgp085
    ID: 71736683
    ferredoxin [Chroodactylon ornatum]NC_062381.1 (99779..100078, complement)MW609_pgp091
    ID: 71736682
    pyruvate dehydrogenase E1 component beta subunit [Chroodactylon ornatum]NC_062381.1 (90286..91257, complement)MW609_pgp102
    ID: 71736680
    photosystem I assembly protein Ycf4 [Chroodactylon ornatum]NC_062381.1 (39627..40190)MW609_pgp158
    ID: 71736678
    translation initiation factor 3 [Chroodactylon ornatum]NC_062381.1 (25214..25765)MW609_pgp174
    ID: 71736674
    photosystem II protein J [Chroodactylon ornatum]NC_062381.1 (22151..22270, complement)MW609_pgp179
    ID: 71736671
    acetohydroxyacid synthase small subunit [Chroodactylon ornatum]NC_062381.1 (9812..10363)MW609_pgp193
    ID: 71736670
    protochlorophyllide reductase iron-sulfur ATP-binding protein [Chroodactylon ornatum]NC_062381.1 (4989..5858)MW609_pgp196
    ID: 71736669
    5S ribosomal RNA [Chroodactylon ornatum]NC_062381.1 (4743..4858)MW609_pgr002
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