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Cliftonaea pectinata

Cliftonaea pectinata is a species of red algae in the family Rhodomelaceae.

Taxonomy ID: 2007206

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    Name/Gene IDDescriptionLocationAliases
    ID: 33361631
    Rubisco expression protein [Cliftonaea pectinata]NC_035294.1 (62233..63126, complement)CGW52_pgp135
    ID: 33361630
    Tryptophan synthase alpha subunit [Cliftonaea pectinata]NC_035294.1 (37102..37914)CGW52_pgp163
    ID: 33361628
    thiol:disulfide interchange protein [Cliftonaea pectinata]NC_035294.1 (26549..27286)CGW52_pgp180
    ID: 33361627
    ribosomal protein L11 [Cliftonaea pectinata]NC_035294.1 (157013..157438)CGW52_pgp021
    ID: 33361625
    photosystem I reaction center subunit XI [Cliftonaea pectinata]NC_035294.1 (66769..67224, complement)CGW52_pgp129
    ID: 33361621
    Histidine-tRNA ligase [Cliftonaea pectinata]NC_035294.1 (165465..166727, complement)CGW52_pgp010
    ID: 33361620
    thiamin biosynthesis protein S [Cliftonaea pectinata]NC_035294.1 (161446..161661)CGW52_pgp014
    ID: 33361619
    Replication helicase subunit [Cliftonaea pectinata]NC_035294.1 (153167..154972, complement)CGW52_pgp024
    ID: 33361618
    acetylglutamate kinase [Cliftonaea pectinata]NC_035294.1 (145989..146849, complement)CGW52_pgp031
    ID: 33361613
    preprotein-translocase subunit a [Cliftonaea pectinata]NC_035294.1 (38066..40669, complement)CGW52_pgp162
    ID: 33361612
    60-kDa chaperonin [Cliftonaea pectinata]NC_035294.1 (166981..168567)CGW52_pgp009
    ID: 33361611
    ribosomal protein L19 [Cliftonaea pectinata]NC_035294.1 (149810..150175, complement)CGW52_pgp026
    ID: 33361606
    acyl carrier protein [Cliftonaea pectinata]NC_035294.1 (113041..113301, complement)CGW52_pgp082
    ID: 33361603
    Magnesium-protoporphyrin IX monomethyl estercyclase [Cliftonaea pectinata]NC_035294.1 (111260..112309)CGW52_pgp084
    ID: 33361602
    Mg chelatase subunit e [Cliftonaea pectinata]NC_035294.1 (31753..32799)CGW52_pgp173
    ID: 33361601
    photosystem II protein N [Cliftonaea pectinata]NC_035294.1 (142819..142950, complement)CGW52_pgp036
    ID: 33361600
    Ycf4 [Cliftonaea pectinata]NC_035294.1 (67562..68107)CGW52_pgp127
    ID: 33361599
    cytochrome b6-f complex subunit 8 [Cliftonaea pectinata]NC_035294.1 (110917..111009, complement)CGW52_pgp085
    ID: 33361598
    cytochrome b6-f complex subunit PetP [Cliftonaea pectinata]NC_035294.1 (115279..115473)CGW52_pgp079
    ID: 33361597
    phycobilisome rod-core linker polypeptide [Cliftonaea pectinata]NC_035294.1 (55571..56266)CGW52_pgp144
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