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Dasyclonium flaccidum

Dasyclonium flaccidum is a species of red algae in the family Rhodomelaceae.

Taxonomy ID: 2007274

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    Name/Gene IDDescriptionLocationAliases
    ID: 33359923
    putative transcriptional regulator OmpR [Dasyclonium flaccidum]NC_035287.1 (169116..169850, complement)CGW49_pgp001
    ID: 33359922
    photosystem II reaction center protein D2 [Dasyclonium flaccidum]NC_035287.1 (167810..168865, complement)CGW49_pgp002
    ID: 33359921
    photosystem II CP43 chlorophyll apoprotein [Dasyclonium flaccidum]NC_035287.1 (166441..167826, complement)CGW49_pgp003
    ID: 33359920
    uracil phosphoribosyltransferase [Dasyclonium flaccidum]NC_035287.1 (165697..166308, complement)CGW49_pgp004
    ID: 33359918
    ribosomal protein S16 [Dasyclonium flaccidum]NC_035287.1 (165016..165258, complement)CGW49_pgp006
    ID: 33359917
    Plastid-specifi c 30S ribosomal protein 3 [Dasyclonium flaccidum]NC_035287.1 (164714..165013, complement)CGW49_pgp007
    ID: 33359915
    60-kDa chaperonin [Dasyclonium flaccidum]NC_035287.1 (162566..164152)CGW49_pgp009
    ID: 33359912
    Histidine-tRNA ligase [Dasyclonium flaccidum]NC_035287.1 (161067..162329, complement)CGW49_pgp010
    ID: 33359910
    photosystem II protein W [Dasyclonium flaccidum]NC_035287.1 (160488..160829, complement)CGW49_pgp011
    ID: 33359909
    Phenylalanine-tRNA ligase beta subunit [Dasyclonium flaccidum]NC_035287.1 (158409..160385, complement)CGW49_pgp012
    ID: 33359907
    ribosomal protein S1 [Dasyclonium flaccidum]NC_035287.1 (157161..157967, complement)CGW49_pgp013
    ID: 33359906
    thiamin biosynthesis protein S [Dasyclonium flaccidum]NC_035287.1 (156948..157160)CGW49_pgp014
    ID: 33359903
    global nitrogen transcriptional regulator [Dasyclonium flaccidum]NC_035287.1 (155503..156147, complement)CGW49_pgp016
    ID: 33359902
    cytochrome b6 [Dasyclonium flaccidum]NC_035287.1 (154708..155355, complement)CGW49_pgp017
    ID: 33359901
    cytochrome b6/f complex subunit 4 [Dasyclonium flaccidum]NC_035287.1 (154168..154650, complement)CGW49_pgp018
    ID: 33359900
    ribosomal protein L12 [Dasyclonium flaccidum]NC_035287.1 (153687..154082)CGW49_pgp019
    ID: 33359899
    ribosomal protein L1 [Dasyclonium flaccidum]NC_035287.1 (152952..153659)CGW49_pgp020
    ID: 33359898
    ribosomal protein L11 [Dasyclonium flaccidum]NC_035287.1 (152484..152909)CGW49_pgp021
    ID: 33359896
    Molybdopterin biosynthesis protein [Dasyclonium flaccidum]NC_035287.1 (151098..152177, complement)CGW49_pgp022
    ID: 33359895
    ribosomal protein L9 [Dasyclonium flaccidum]NC_035287.1 (150524..150988, complement)CGW49_pgp023
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