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Haloferax volcanii

Haloferax volcanii is a species of euryarchaeote in the family Haloferacaceae.

Taxonomy ID: 2246

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Name/Gene IDDescriptionLocationAliases
ID: 8952950
Record to support submission of GeneRIFs for a gene not in Gene (Halobacterium volcanii. Use when strain, subtype, isolate, etc. is unspecified, or when different from all specified ones in Gene.). [Haloferax volcanii]
ID: 8924493
HVO_2072 family ArtA-dependent S-layer glycoprotein [Haloferax volcanii DS2]NC_013967.1 (1923913..1926396)HVO_RS14660, HVO_2072
ID: 8926248
hydroxymethylglutaryl-CoA reductase (NADPH) [Haloferax volcanii DS2]NC_013967.1 (2434849..2436060)HVO_RS17175, HVO_2583
ID: 8925483
dihydrofolate reductase HdrA [Haloferax volcanii DS2]NC_013967.1 (1166683..1167171)HVO_RS10850, HVO_1279, folA
ID: 8925863
ATP-dependent protease LonB [Haloferax volcanii DS2]NC_013967.1 (702504..704588)HVO_RS08455, HVO_0783
ID: 8925073
cell division protein FtsZ [Haloferax volcanii DS2]NC_013967.1 (643397..644536)HVO_RS08145, HVO_0717
ID: 8926735
isocitrate dehydrogenase (NADP(+)) [Haloferax volcanii DS2]NC_013967.1 (2438979..2440238, complement)HVO_RS17200, HVO_2588
ID: 8923965
proteasome endopeptidase complex subunit beta [Haloferax volcanii DS2]NC_013967.1 (1430347..1431078)HVO_RS12200, HVO_1562
ID: 8926646
LSM domain-containing protein [Haloferax volcanii DS2]NC_013967.1 (2567950..2568180, complement)HVO_RS17855, HVO_2723
ID: 8924829
flagellin A1 [Haloferax volcanii DS2]NC_013967.1 (1100086..1100727)HVO_RS10515, HVO_1210
ID: 8926063
rhomboid family intramembrane serine protease [Haloferax volcanii DS2]NC_013967.1 (1344274..1345923)HVO_RS11815, HVO_1474
ID: 8923994
ubiquitin-like modifier protein SAMP3 [Haloferax volcanii DS2]NC_013967.1 (2049729..2050007)HVO_RS15175, HVO_2177
ID: 8919183
zinc-dependent alcohol dehydrogenase family protein [Haloferax volcanii DS2]NC_013964.1 (80012..81061, complement)HVO_RS00340, HVO_B0071
ID: 8925605
serine/threonine-protein kinase Rio1 [Haloferax volcanii DS2]NC_013967.1 (125628..126500, complement)HVO_RS05355, HVO_0135
ID: 8924085
flippase domain-containing glycosyltransferase AglD [Haloferax volcanii DS2]NC_013967.1 (717217..719091, complement)HVO_RS08530, HVO_0798
ID: 8924004
sulfide-dependent adenosine diphosphate thiazole synthase [Haloferax volcanii DS2]NC_013967.1 (593079..594002, complement)HVO_RS07900, HVO_0665
ID: 8925478
divalent metal cation transporter [Haloferax volcanii DS2]NC_013967.1 (2506025..2507383, complement)HVO_RS17535, HVO_2658
ID: 8925725
malate synthase AceB [Haloferax volcanii DS2]NC_013967.1 (1829072..1830373, complement)HVO_RS14215, HVO_1983
ID: 8919161
D-xylose 1-dehydrogenase [Haloferax volcanii DS2]NC_013964.1 (30784..31956)HVO_RS00130, HVO_B0028
ID: 8926693
transcriptional regulator GfcR [Haloferax volcanii DS2]NC_013967.1 (986942..987574, complement)HVO_RS09895, HVO_1082
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