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Ferroplasma sp.

Ferroplasma sp. is an unclassified species in the genus Ferroplasma

Taxonomy ID: 2591003

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    Name/Gene IDDescriptionLocationAliases
    ID: 84219775
    DNA polymerase IV [Ferroplasma sp.]RE471_RS04235, RE471_04235
    ID: 84220407
    mevalonate-3-kinase [Ferroplasma sp.]RE471_RS07395, RE471_07395
    ID: 84220744
    30S ribosomal protein S17e [Ferroplasma sp.]RE471_RS09080, RE471_09080
    ID: 84219883
    site-specific integrase [Ferroplasma sp.]RE471_RS04775, RE471_04775
    ID: 84220415
    SufD family Fe-S cluster assembly protein [Ferroplasma sp.]RE471_RS07435, RE471_07435
    ID: 84218992
    LSM domain-containing protein [Ferroplasma sp.]RE471_RS00320, RE471_00320
    ID: 84218961
    LSM domain-containing protein [Ferroplasma sp.]RE471_RS00165, RE471_00165
    ID: 84220397
    transposase [Ferroplasma sp.]RE471_RS07345, RE471_07345
    ID: 84220092
    transposase [Ferroplasma sp.]RE471_RS05820, RE471_05820
    ID: 84219133
    divalent metal cation transporter [Ferroplasma sp.]RE471_RS01025, RE471_01025
    ID: 84219187
    VCP-like ATPase [Ferroplasma sp.]RE471_RS01295, RE471_01295
    ID: 84220588
    5'/3'-nucleotidase SurE [Ferroplasma sp.]RE471_RS08300, RE471_08300
    ID: 84220335
    GntR family transcriptional regulator [Ferroplasma sp.]RE471_RS07035, RE471_07035
    ID: 84220829
    mRNA surveillance protein pelota [Ferroplasma sp.]RE471_RS09505, RE471_09505
    ID: 84219728
    trehalose-phosphatase [Ferroplasma sp.]RE471_RS04000, RE471_04000
    ID: 84220647
    cytochrome P450 [Ferroplasma sp.]RE471_RS08595, RE471_08595
    ID: 84220403
    cytochrome P450 [Ferroplasma sp.]RE471_RS07375, RE471_07375
    ID: 84220380
    digeranylgeranylglycerophospholipid reductase [Ferroplasma sp.]RE471_RS07260, RE471_07260
    ID: 84219472
    FAD-dependent thymidylate synthase [Ferroplasma sp.]RE471_RS02720, RE471_02720
    ID: 84219853
    GTPase [Ferroplasma sp.]RE471_RS04625, RE471_04625
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