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Fusarium subglutinans

Fusarium subglutinans is a species of ascomycete fungi in the family Nectriaceae.

Taxonomy ID: 42677

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Name/Gene IDDescriptionLocationAliases
ID: 59323288
geranylgeranyl diphosphate synthase [Fusarium subglutinans]FSUBG_9999
ID: 59323284
GA4 desaturase [Fusarium subglutinans]FSUBG_9995
ID: 59323283
sugar transporter [Fusarium subglutinans]FSUBG_9994
ID: 59323280
chitinase [Fusarium subglutinans]FSUBG_9991
ID: 59323277
acid phosphatase [Fusarium subglutinans]FSUBG_9989
ID: 59323268
homogentisate 1 2-dioxygenase [Fusarium subglutinans]FSUBG_9980
ID: 59323263
ring-finger Ariadne-1 [Fusarium subglutinans]FSUBG_9976
ID: 59323262
exonuclease 1 [Fusarium subglutinans]FSUBG_9975
ID: 59323260
uncharacterized protein [Fusarium subglutinans]FSUBG_9973
ID: 59323257
nucleolar 9 [Fusarium subglutinans]FSUBG_9970
ID: 59323254
multidrug transporter [Fusarium subglutinans]FSUBG_9968
ID: 59323249
MYND domain protein [Fusarium subglutinans]FSUBG_9963
ID: 59323244
multidrug resistance [Fusarium subglutinans]FSUBG_9959
ID: 59323240
GTPase Ras2p [Fusarium subglutinans]FSUBG_9955
ID: 59323239
glutamate decarboxylase [Fusarium subglutinans]FSUBG_9954
ID: 59323237
DNA polymerase alpha subunit B [Fusarium subglutinans]FSUBG_9952
ID: 59323236
CENP-A multicopy suppressor 2 [Fusarium subglutinans]FSUBG_9951
ID: 59323233
small nuclear ribonucleoprotein Sm D2 [Fusarium subglutinans]FSUBG_9949
ID: 59323232
dihydroxyacetone kinase [Fusarium subglutinans]FSUBG_9948
ID: 59323231
DFG5 [Fusarium subglutinans]FSUBG_9947
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