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Trypanosoma cruzi

Trypanosoma cruzi is a species of kinetoplastid in the family Trypanosomatidae.

Taxonomy ID: 5693

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Name/Gene IDDescriptionLocationAliases
ID: 3537653
trans-sialidase, putative [Trypanosoma cruzi]Tc00.1047053509495.30
ID: 3550848
cruzipain precursor, putative [Trypanosoma cruzi]Tc00.1047053507603.270
ID: 3538525
tryparedoxin, putative [Trypanosoma cruzi]Tc00.1047053509997.30
ID: 3550290
high mobility group protein, putative [Trypanosoma cruzi]Tc00.1047053507951.114
ID: 3543786
calreticulin, putative [Trypanosoma cruzi]Tc00.1047053509011.40
ID: 3552979
histidine ammonia-lyase, putative [Trypanosoma cruzi]Tc00.1047053506247.220
ID: 3546453
DNA repair protein RAD51, putative [Trypanosoma cruzi]Tc00.1047053508817.50
ID: 3543643
histone H4, putative [Trypanosoma cruzi]Tc00.1047053507601.170
ID: 3534910
calmodulin [Trypanosoma cruzi]Tc00.1047053506391.10
ID: 3539240
tryparedoxin peroxidase [Trypanosoma cruzi]Tc00.1047053504839.44
ID: 3554379
glucokinase 1, putative [Trypanosoma cruzi]Tc00.1047053510187.100
ID: 3549201
glutaredoxin, putative [Trypanosoma cruzi]Tc00.1047053506475.116
ID: 3554878
DNA-directed RNA polymerase II, putative [Trypanosoma cruzi]Tc00.1047053511277.10
ID: 3554493
eukaryotic initiation factor 5a, putative [Trypanosoma cruzi]Tc00.1047053506925.130
ID: 3554483
glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase, putative [Trypanosoma cruzi]Tc00.1047053506885.413
ID: 3553474
nucleoside diphosphate kinase, putative [Trypanosoma cruzi]Tc00.1047053508707.200
ID: 3552631
glucose-6-phosphate 1-dehydrogenase, putative [Trypanosoma cruzi]Tc00.1047053509287.50
ID: 3552516
mitochondrial DNA polymerase beta, putative [Trypanosoma cruzi]Tc00.1047053507063.90
ID: 3552388
DNA mismatch repair protein MSH2, putative [Trypanosoma cruzi]Tc00.1047053507711.320
ID: 3552205
enolase, putative [Trypanosoma cruzi]Tc00.1047053504105.140
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