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Aeromonas sobria

Aeromonas sobria is a species of g-proteobacteria in the family Aeromonadaceae.

Taxonomy ID: 646

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Name/Gene IDDescriptionLocationAliases
ID: 58920918
acetolactate synthase small subunit [Aeromonas sobria]BN1135_RS02470
ID: 58924349
nitrogen regulatory protein P-II [Aeromonas sobria]BN1135_RS20140
ID: 58924302
P-II family nitrogen regulator [Aeromonas sobria]BN1135_RS19905
ID: 58920934
exopolysaccharide biosynthesis polyprenyl glycosylphosphotransferase [Aeromonas sobria]BN1135_RS02550
ID: 58922828
Cys-tRNA(Pro) deacylase [Aeromonas sobria]BN1135_RS12300
ID: 58921453
30S ribosomal protein S11 [Aeromonas sobria]BN1135_RS05225
ID: 58920632
30S ribosomal protein S15 [Aeromonas sobria]BN1135_RS01035
ID: 58924449
BolA family iron metabolism protein IbaG [Aeromonas sobria]BN1135_RS20645
ID: 58923665
universal stress protein [Aeromonas sobria]BN1135_RS16630
ID: 58920665
transcriptional regulator NrdR [Aeromonas sobria]BN1135_RS01200
ID: 58924588
50S ribosomal protein L36 [Aeromonas sobria]BN1135_RS21390
ID: 58921452
30S ribosomal protein S13 [Aeromonas sobria]BN1135_RS05220
ID: 58921436
50S ribosomal protein L22 [Aeromonas sobria]BN1135_RS05140
ID: 58924504
aerolysin AerA [Aeromonas sobria]BN1135_RS20920
ID: 58920701
cold-shock protein [Aeromonas sobria]BN1135_RS01380
ID: 58924669
YnhF family membrane protein [Aeromonas sobria]BN1135_RS21910
ID: 58924252
HTH-type transcriptional regulator Cbl [Aeromonas sobria]BN1135_RS19655
ID: 58923447
tRNA (uridine(34)/cytosine(34)/5-carboxymethylaminomethyluridine(34)-2'-O)-methyltransferase TrmL [Aeromonas sobria]BN1135_RS15530
ID: 58924321
tRNA (guanosine(37)-N1)-methyltransferase TrmD [Aeromonas sobria]BN1135_RS20000
ID: 58924191
glycine zipper 2TM domain-containing protein [Aeromonas sobria]BN1135_RS19345
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