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Synergistales is an order of bacteria in the class Synergistia.

Taxonomy ID: 649776

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Name/Gene IDDescriptionLocationAliases
ID: 83057253
30S ribosomal protein S11 [Cloacibacillus porcorum]BED41_RS05210, BED41_05210
ID: 83057687
V-type ATP synthase subunit F [Cloacibacillus porcorum]BED41_RS07460, BED41_07460
ID: 83059360
50S ribosomal protein L36 [Cloacibacillus porcorum]BED41_RS16085
ID: 83058305
HU family DNA-binding protein [Cloacibacillus porcorum]BED41_RS10650, BED41_10650
ID: 83056340
pyruvate formate lyase family protein [Cloacibacillus porcorum]BED41_RS00555, BED41_00555
ID: 83057245
50S ribosomal protein L30 [Cloacibacillus porcorum]BED41_RS05170, BED41_05170
ID: 83057231
30S ribosomal protein S19 [Cloacibacillus porcorum]BED41_RS05100, BED41_05100
ID: 83058250
type II toxin-antitoxin system HicA family toxin [Cloacibacillus porcorum]BED41_RS10350, BED41_10350
ID: 83058999
IS1595-like element ISSag10 family transposase [Cloacibacillus porcorum]BED41_RS14205, BED41_14205
ID: 83057357
helix-turn-helix transcriptional regulator [Cloacibacillus porcorum]BED41_RS05760, BED41_05760
ID: 83059431
diguanylate cyclase [Cloacibacillus porcorum]BED41_RS16725, BED41_04485
ID: 83058394
diguanylate cyclase [Cloacibacillus porcorum]BED41_RS11100, BED41_11100
ID: 83057858
diguanylate cyclase [Cloacibacillus porcorum]BED41_RS08335, BED41_08335
ID: 83057762
diguanylate cyclase [Cloacibacillus porcorum]BED41_RS07845, BED41_07845
ID: 83057694
diguanylate cyclase [Cloacibacillus porcorum]BED41_RS07495, BED41_07495
ID: 83056779
diguanylate cyclase [Cloacibacillus porcorum]BED41_RS02790, BED41_02790
ID: 83059335
50S ribosomal protein L33 [Cloacibacillus porcorum]BED41_RS15930, BED41_15930
ID: 83059180
30S ribosomal protein S16 [Cloacibacillus porcorum]BED41_RS15130, BED41_15130
ID: 83058826
30S ribosomal protein S21 [Cloacibacillus porcorum]BED41_RS13315, BED41_13315
ID: 83058704
30S ribosomal protein S18 [Cloacibacillus porcorum]BED41_RS12705, BED41_12705
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