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Aeromonas veronii

Aeromonas veronii is a species of g-proteobacteria in the family Aeromonadaceae.

Taxonomy ID: 654

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Name/Gene IDDescriptionLocationAliases
ID: 60845774
two-component system response regulator OmpR [Aeromonas veronii]FOB40_RS13685, FOB40_13685
ID: 60845746
30S ribosomal protein S4 [Aeromonas veronii]FOB40_RS13545, FOB40_13545
ID: 60846552
cytochrome c biogenesis protein CcsA [Aeromonas veronii]FOB40_RS17625, FOB40_17630
ID: 60845602
cell division protein FtsQ/DivIB [Aeromonas veronii]FOB40_RS12815, FOB40_12815
ID: 60846098
mechanosensitive ion channel [Aeromonas veronii]FOB40_RS15325, FOB40_15325
ID: 60844721
cytochrome c maturation protein CcmE [Aeromonas veronii]FOB40_RS08385, FOB40_08385
ID: 60845391
porin OmpA [Aeromonas veronii]FOB40_RS11750, FOB40_11750
ID: 60847098
porin OmpA [Aeromonas veronii]FOB40_RS20375, FOB40_20380
ID: 60847097
porin OmpA [Aeromonas veronii]FOB40_RS20370, FOB40_20375
ID: 60846551
CNNM domain-containing protein [Aeromonas veronii]FOB40_RS17620, FOB40_17625
ID: 60843967
50S ribosomal protein L25 [Aeromonas veronii]FOB40_RS04575, FOB40_04575
ID: 60847079
copper homeostasis protein CutC [Aeromonas veronii]FOB40_RS20280, FOB40_20285
ID: 60846681
acetolactate synthase small subunit [Aeromonas veronii]FOB40_RS18275, FOB40_18280
ID: 60845049
cAMP-activated global transcriptional regulator CRP [Aeromonas veronii]FOB40_RS10035, FOB40_10035
ID: 60847095
NAD-dependent malic enzyme [Aeromonas veronii]FOB40_RS20360, FOB40_20365
ID: 60845448
mechanosensitive ion channel [Aeromonas veronii]FOB40_RS12035, FOB40_12035
ID: 60844563
Lpp/OprI family alanine-zipper lipoprotein [Aeromonas veronii]FOB40_RS07575, FOB40_07575
ID: 60844113
citrate synthase [Aeromonas veronii]FOB40_RS05305, FOB40_05305
ID: 60846584
nitrogen regulatory protein P-II [Aeromonas veronii]FOB40_RS17785, FOB40_17790
ID: 60846537
P-II family nitrogen regulator [Aeromonas veronii]FOB40_RS17550, FOB40_17555
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