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Acinetobacter higginsii

Acinetobacter higginsii is a species of g-proteobacteria in the family Moraxellaceae.

Taxonomy ID: 70347

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    Name/Gene IDDescriptionLocationAliases
    ID: 86815028
    two-component system response regulator OmpR [Acinetobacter higginsii]F885_RS08325, F885_03827
    ID: 86814724
    septation protein IspZ [Acinetobacter higginsii]F885_RS06785, F885_00020
    ID: 86813871
    septation protein IspZ [Acinetobacter higginsii]F885_RS02470, F885_00917
    ID: 86815053
    sterol desaturase family protein [Acinetobacter higginsii]F885_RS08450, F885_03802
    ID: 86814745
    diguanylate cyclase [Acinetobacter higginsii]F885_RS06890, F885_04124
    ID: 86815080
    gamma-glutamylcyclotransferase [Acinetobacter higginsii]F885_RS08595, F885_03770
    ID: 86814825
    30S ribosomal protein S4 [Acinetobacter higginsii]F885_RS07295, F885_04037
    ID: 86814222
    cis,cis-muconate-binding transcription regulator CatM [Acinetobacter higginsii]F885_RS04245, F885_00549
    ID: 86817036
    cytochrome c biogenesis protein CcsA [Acinetobacter higginsii]F885_RS18575, F885_01714
    ID: 86816405
    fumarylacetoacetate hydrolase family protein [Acinetobacter higginsii]F885_RS15360, F885_02379
    ID: 86815136
    cell division protein FtsQ/DivIB [Acinetobacter higginsii]F885_RS08875, F885_03714
    ID: 86817234
    Rid family hydrolase [Acinetobacter higginsii]F885_RS19580, F885_01507
    ID: 86815594
    cysteine protease StiP [Acinetobacter higginsii]F885_RS11210, F885_03232
    ID: 86813829
    capsular polysaccharide synthesis protein [Acinetobacter higginsii]F885_RS02255, F885_00962
    ID: 86813639
    valine--tRNA ligase [Acinetobacter higginsii]F885_RS01305, F885_01158
    ID: 86816636
    PilZ domain-containing protein [Acinetobacter higginsii]F885_RS16540, F885_02134
    ID: 86814100
    PilZ domain-containing protein [Acinetobacter higginsii]F885_RS03625, F885_00678
    ID: 86815575
    mechanosensitive ion channel domain-containing protein [Acinetobacter higginsii]F885_RS11115, F885_03252
    ID: 86815113
    mechanosensitive ion channel domain-containing protein [Acinetobacter higginsii]F885_RS08760, F885_03737
    ID: 86817219
    23S rRNA (uracil(1939)-C(5))-methyltransferase RlmD [Acinetobacter higginsii]F885_RS19500, F885_01524
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