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Phlebobranchia is an order of tunicate in the class Ascidiacea (sea squirts).

Taxonomy ID: 7716

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Name/Gene IDDescriptionLocationAliases
ID: 619223
voltage-sensor containing phosphatase [Ciona intestinalis (vase tunicate)]Chromosome 2, NC_020167.2 (3291294..3296342, complement)
ID: 778911
transcription factor protein [Ciona intestinalis (vase tunicate)]NW_004190723.1 (6264..8022)bra
ID: 100187685
microRNA mir-200 [Ciona intestinalis (vase tunicate)]NW_004190646.1 (8331..8416)cin-mir-200, mirn200
ID: 445699
paired superclass homeobox transcription factor [Ciona intestinalis (vase tunicate)]NW_004190397.2 (197661..213473)Ci-Pitx, PITX1
ID: 778966
transcription factor protein [Ciona intestinalis (vase tunicate)]Chromosome 11, NC_020176.2 (4395585..4404758, complement)Ci-FoxA-a, Ci-fkh, FOXA1, fkh
ID: 778979
transforming growth factor beta superfamily signaling ligand [Ciona intestinalis (vase tunicate)]NW_004190345.2 (32119..37584)
ID: 445677
msxb homeoprotein [Ciona intestinalis (vase tunicate)]Chromosome 2, NC_020167.2 (5773526..5775829)Ci-msxb
ID: 445718
homeobox transcription factor Hox1 [Ciona intestinalis (vase tunicate)]NW_004190417.1 (182359..188436, complement)Ci-Hox1
ID: 445682
distal-less [Ciona intestinalis (vase tunicate)]Chromosome 7, NC_020172.2 (627843..629430, complement)Ci-Dll-B, DLX3
ID: 723806
Notch [Ciona intestinalis (vase tunicate)]Chromosome 9, NC_020174.2 (4753230..4786088)
ID: 445650
fibroblast growth factor 8/17/18 [Ciona intestinalis (vase tunicate)]Chromosome 5, NC_020170.2 (2812422..2824624, complement)Fgf18
ID: 445693
Prx1 protein [Ciona intestinalis (vase tunicate)]Chromosome 12, NC_020177.2 (1334402..1340968)Ci-Rx, Rax
ID: 445777
GATAa protein [Ciona intestinalis (vase tunicate)]NW_004190423.2 (318047..328839, complement)Ci-GATA-a
ID: 445669
Otx [Ciona intestinalis (vase tunicate)]Chromosome 4, NC_020169.2 (4308890..4314145, complement)
ID: 619235
hemocyanin-like protein 2 [Ciona intestinalis (vase tunicate)]po-2
ID: 445806
beta-catenin [Ciona intestinalis (vase tunicate)]Chromosome 9, NC_020174.2 (3811..11971, complement)CTNNB1
ID: 100145818
huntingtin [Ciona intestinalis (vase tunicate)]Chromosome 5, NC_020170.2 (2849504..2872565, complement)
ID: 100169888
homeobox transcription factor Hox13 [Ciona intestinalis (vase tunicate)]Chromosome 7, NC_020172.2 (2695865..2702874, complement)Ci-Hox13, hox12/13
ID: 445719
hox10 protein [Ciona intestinalis (vase tunicate)]NW_004190374.1 (98496..102901, complement)Ci-Hox10, Hoxc10
ID: 778924
MyoD-family protein j [Ciona intestinalis (vase tunicate)]Chromosome 14, NC_020179.2 (4306195..4312410, complement)cimdfa, cimdfb
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