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Germainia capitata

Germainia capitata is a species of monocot in the family Poaceae (grass family).

Taxonomy ID: 798273

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    Name/Gene IDDescriptionLocationAliases
    ID: 33131983
    ribosomal protein S12 [Germainia capitata]NC_035046.1 (69229..69342, complement); NC_035046.1 (92266..93066, complement)CD890_pgp040
    ID: 33131980
    23S ribosomal RNA [Germainia capitata]NC_035046.1 (120524..123411, complement)CD890_pgr002
    ID: 33131979
    4.5S ribosomal RNA [Germainia capitata]NC_035046.1 (120330..120424, complement)CD890_pgr003
    ID: 33131977
    5S ribosomal RNA [Germainia capitata]NC_035046.1 (102045..102165)CD890_pgr005
    ID: 33131976
    4.5S ribosomal RNA [Germainia capitata]NC_035046.1 (101718..101812)CD890_pgr006
    ID: 33131974
    ribosomal protein S19 [Germainia capitata]NC_035046.1 (139501..139782)CD890_pgp002
    ID: 33131972
    ribosomal protein L2 [Germainia capitata]NC_035046.1 (137756..139240)CD890_pgp003
    ID: 33131971
    ribosomal protein L23 [Germainia capitata]NC_035046.1 (137456..137737)CD890_pgp004
    ID: 33131968
    NADH-plastoquinone oxidoreductase subunit 2 [Germainia capitata]NC_035046.1 (130707..132943)CD890_pgp005
    ID: 33131967
    ribosomal protein S7 [Germainia capitata]NC_035046.1 (129935..130405)CD890_pgp006
    ID: 33131966
    16S ribosomal RNA [Germainia capitata]NC_035046.1 (125826..127317, complement)CD890_pgr001
    ID: 33131964
    5S ribosomal RNA [Germainia capitata]NC_035046.1 (119977..120097, complement)CD890_pgr004
    ID: 33131961
    ribosomal protein S15 [Germainia capitata]NC_035046.1 (117488..117724, complement)CD890_pgp007
    ID: 33131960
    NADH-plastoquinone oxidoreductase subunit 7 [Germainia capitata]NC_035046.1 (116172..117353, complement)CD890_pgp008
    ID: 33131959
    NADH-plastoquinone oxidoreductase subunit 1 [Germainia capitata]NC_035046.1 (114054..116170, complement)CD890_pgp009
    ID: 33131958
    NADH-plastoquinone oxidoreductase subunit I [Germainia capitata]NC_035046.1 (113418..113960, complement)CD890_pgp010
    ID: 33131957
    NADH-plastoquinone oxidoreductase subunit 6 [Germainia capitata]NC_035046.1 (112704..113234, complement)CD890_pgp011
    ID: 33131956
    NADH-plastoquinone oxidoreductase subunit 4L [Germainia capitata]NC_035046.1 (112184..112489, complement)CD890_pgp012
    ID: 33131955
    photosystem I subunit VII [Germainia capitata]NC_035046.1 (111471..111716, complement)CD890_pgp013
    ID: 33131954
    NADH-plastoquinone oxidoreductase subunit 4 [Germainia capitata]NC_035046.1 (109849..111351, complement)CD890_pgp014
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