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What is the Genome Decoration Page?

The Genome Decoration Page (GDP) is a service that allows users to upload their own annotation data and create a diagram showing that annotation distributed on the genome. Annotations can be shown as a track, or set of tracks, drawn next to the chromosome. An annotation track can be selected to be drawn as an 'Overlay', such that the annotation information is drawn on top of the chromosome representation. 

How does this work?

Step 1: Select Genome Information
Step 2: Set up your layout
Step 3: Upload your annotations

Annotations can be displayed on the ideogram images as a track (features drawn beside the chromosome) or as an overlay (features drawn on top of the chromosome representation).

Example of a track annotation: Annotation file: track example Example of an overlay annotation: Annotation file: overlay example

You can only define one file for overlay annotation, but you can add up to 16 files that will be displayed as separate annotation tracks. To add annotations:

Note: If the upload function cannot read your file, you will be notified via an alert. If the file is read properly, but there are sequence locations in the file that the process doesn't know how to interpret you will be given a list of warnings below the ideogram preview. These warnings will not show up until you hit the 'Refresh' button. If you have loaded multiple files, the warnings within each file will be listed with a header denoting where the warning list for each file begins. 

Step 4: Download your file

Once the ideogram figure is set up the way you would like, you can download the file in the following formats:

Note: If you have trouble with an HGVS expression, please use the 'Write to Help Desk' link at the bottom of the page and report the expression to us so we can improve our parser.

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