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hPSC-derived Airway Organoids-based Screen Reveals the Role of HIF1/Glycolysis Axis in SARS-CoV-2 Infection [scRNA-seq]
1 Shuibing Chen Oct 01, 2023
Single-nucleus sequencing reveals enriched expression of genetic risk factors in Extratelencephalic Neurons sensitive to degeneration in ALS
1 Francesco Limone Oct 01, 2023
Efficient generation of human cerebral organoids directly from adherent cultures of pluripotent stem cells
1 Victoria López-Alonso Oct 01, 2023
Single cell data: suberized exodermis is required for tomato drought tolerance
2 Siobhan Brady Oct 01, 2023
scATAC-seq analysis using gastric mucosa with intestinal metaplasia
2 Chihiro Takeuchi Oct 01, 2023
Single-cell transcriptome of stromal vascular fraction isolated from adipose tissue of lean and obese mice
2 Limin Xie Oct 01, 2023
Evolution of neuronal cell classes and types in the vertebrate retina [Squirrel]
2 Joshua William Hahn Oct 01, 2023
Neural adaption in midbrain GABAergic cells contributes to high-fat-diet induced obesity
2 hao wu Oct 01, 2023
Revealing the developmental origin and lineage predilection of neural progenitors within human bone marrow via single cell analysis: Implications for regenerative medicine
2 Hongfei Wang Oct 01, 2023
Single cell RNA sequencing of ischemia reperfused kidneys from Cre- and endothelial cell specific prolylhydroxylase 1, 2, and 3 knockout mice
2 Ratnakar Tiwari Oct 01, 2023
Quantitative analysis of wild type, MiwiΔIns and MiwiR371W round spermatids transcriptomes
3 Xin Wang Oct 01, 2023
FEM2 regulates the whole genome 24-nt siRNA accumulation and CHH DNA methylation in rice [sRNA-Seq]
3 Dachao Xu Oct 01, 2023
FEM2 regulates the whole genome 24-nt siRNA accumulation and CHH DNA methylation in rice [Bisulfite-Seq]
3 Dachao Xu Oct 01, 2023
Lymph node myeloid cells
3 Yoshihiro Komohara Oct 01, 2023
Steatosis Drives monocyte-derived Macrophage Accumulation in Human Metabolic Dysfunction-Associated Fatty Liver Disease
3 Joel D Schilling Oct 01, 2023
Targeting SUMOylation dependency in human cancer stem cells through a unique SAE2 motif revealed by chemical genomics
4 Mickie Bhatia Oct 01, 2023
Gene expression profile of human leukemic cell line treated with TLR1/2 agonist.
4 Kwangmin Choi Oct 01, 2023
YAP1 maintains active chromatin state in head and neck squamous cell carcinomas that promotes tumorigenesis through cooperation with BRD4 [RNA-seq]
4 Srinivas Vinod Saladi Oct 01, 2023
RNA catabolism restricts ERV expression and functionalization [TT-seq]
4 Robert Sebra Oct 01, 2023
Stromal STAT5-mediated trophic activity regulates hematopoietic multipotent progenitor niche factors
4 Peng Qiu Oct 01, 2023