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Remove filtersFilter Remove filterSep 02, 2017
Three Dimensional (3D) conformational change of chromatin organization upon RA mediated Hox PG5 induction
12 Tim Roloff Sep 02, 2017
An efficient method for generation of bi-allelic null mutant mouse embryonic stem cell lines and its application for investigating epigenetic modifiers
8 Hendrik Marks Sep 02, 2017
Investigating putative RPS4-chromatin associations during Arabidopsis plant disease resistance, using a temperature-inducible system which resembles pathogen-infection
12 Servane Baufume Sep 02, 2017
Study of expression changes and alternative splicing events during RPS4-mediated resistance in Arabidopsis using a temperature-inducible system which mirrors pathogen-infection
18 Servane Baufume Sep 02, 2017
Genome-wide miRNA turnover profile in HDMYZ cells after transcription inhibition
5 Mei Zhong Sep 02, 2017
Hoxa5 dependent transcriptional regulation of pontine nuclei subset formation
12 Tim Roloff Sep 02, 2017
Amplification of mutant BRCA2 gene confers resistance to PARP inhibitor
2 Priyankara J Wickramasinghe Sep 02, 2017
Next Generation Sequencing of β-cat lox(ex3) (Ctrl) mouse and β-cat lox(ex3);Nex-Cre (β-cat overexpression, β-cat Ovp) mouse Transcriptomes
6 Xiang Yu Sep 02, 2017
Transcriptomic analysis of brainstem samples from mutants with Hoxa5 postnatal inactivation versus controls at postnatal day 21
6 Françoise Gofflot Sep 02, 2017
Integration of biochemical, biophysical and transcriptomics data for investigating the structural and nanomechanical properties of the yeast cell wall
16 Marion Schiavone Sep 02, 2017
High resolution profiling of gene expression during probenazole (PBZ) treatment in Arabidopsis
4 Benke Kuai Sep 02, 2017
Expression data from HeLa cells upon interferon-gamma or interferon-beta treatment
9 Michal P Wandel Sep 02, 2017
Expresson of CD271 HIGH and LOW populations in melanoma cells during invasion
4 Gaetana Restivo Sep 02, 2017
MiR-1287-5p has inhibitory effects on breast cancer growth mediated by interaction with phosphoinositide 3-kinase CB (miR-1287-5p overexpression study)
6 Martin Pichler Sep 02, 2017
Gene expression profiling in knee cartilage in a rat model of osteoarthritis
16 Marcin Piechota Sep 02, 2017
Hoxa5 dependent transcriptional regulation and RA-mediated Hox PG5 chromatin organization
24 Tim Roloff Sep 02, 2017