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Super cChIP-seq, a robust and universal epigenetic profiling method using 10 cells
32 Xiaodong Zhao Apr 07, 2024
DEAD-box helicase 17 (DDX17) protects cardiac function by promoting mitochondrial homeostasis in heart failure
6 Yuxuan Zheng Apr 07, 2024
RNA-seq analysis CARM1 inhibitor Ellagic acid effect on MDA-MB-231 cells
6 yan wang Apr 07, 2024
Transcriptome-based analysis reveals functional differences in Dendrobium officinale from different growing regions and with different quality levels
8 Honglei Dang Apr 07, 2024
Loss of CRY2 promotes regenerative myogenesis by enhancing PAX7 expression and satellite cell proliferation
2 Ting Xue Apr 07, 2024
Lung airway expression
12 Scott H. Randell Apr 07, 2024
Role of Itc1 subnit in ISW2 remodeler in nucleosome positioning and spacing in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
17 Ashish Kumar Singh Apr 07, 2024
ALOX15B controls macrophage cholesterol homeostasis via lipid peroxidation, ERK1/2 and SREBP2
10 Yvonne Benatzy Apr 07, 2024
Characterizing the transcriptional role of L-DOPA and antimycin A on mitichondrial regulation in Cryptococcus neoformans using a cir1 knockout strain
15 James Kronstad Apr 07, 2024
Effect of depletion of CPSF6 on gene expression of Hep3B hepatocellular carcinoma cells
3 Deok Yong Sim Apr 07, 2024
Adaptive epigenetic regulation of neuronal metabolism by a mitochondrial redox signal following complex I inhibition
9 Marius Wilhelm Baeken Apr 07, 2024
A cell-free pipeline for recreating methylation patterns radically enhances DNA transformation in bacteria
7 Chase Beisel Apr 07, 2024
Polymer-mediated oligo delivery enables construction of spatially encoded 3D cultures for analysis by single-cell RNA sequencing
12 Jessica King Apr 07, 2024
miRNA expression data from HPC-EVs
6 YUE YUAN Apr 07, 2024
RNA-seq gene expression profiling of RefSeq genes in nuclear RNA from livers of mice treated with the nuclear receptor CAR (Nr1i3) agonist ligand TCPOBOP for 2 week or for 8 week.
28 David J. Waxman Apr 07, 2024
Antibacterial activities of the algal bromophenol methylrhodomelol against Pseudomonas aeruginosa
6 Verena Spiegler Apr 07, 2024
Chromatin Landscape Instructs Precise Transcription Factor Regulome during Embryonic Lineage Specification [RNA-seq]
12 Liping Wang Apr 07, 2024
Transcriptome profiling of Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae 9644 in rich media and hrp-inducing minimum media
6 Andrea Vadillo Dieguez Apr 07, 2024
Aberrant neurodevelopment in human iPS cell-derived astrocyte-neuron co-culture model of Alexander disease
6 Zuzana Matusova Apr 07, 2024
Gene expression profile at single cell level of primary keloid fibroblasts treated with various radiotherapy modalities
5 Xiaoqian Li Apr 07, 2024