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rG4-seq reveals widespread formation of G-quadruplex structures in the human transcriptome
12 Giovanni Marsico Aug 10, 2016
Comparison of RNA Pol II localization in the genomes of sig-7 (RNAi) vs WT C. elegans early stage embryos
8 Susan Strome Aug 10, 2016
HTS comparison of sig-7 (RNAi) vs WT C. elegans early stage embryos
12 Susan Strome Aug 10, 2016
Gene expression data from mouse regulatory T cells
12 Bruce David Mazer Aug 10, 2016
Hepatic Gene Expression Changes in Diethynitrosamin-initiated and Cholic Acid promoted tumors
4 Udayan Apte Aug 10, 2016
A Basic Domain in the Histone H2B N-terminal Tail is Important for Nucleosome Assembly by FACT
6 John J. Wyrick Aug 10, 2016
A High-Content, Phenotypic Screen Identifies Fluorouridine as an Inhibitor of Pyoverdine Biosynthesis and Pseudomonas aeruginosa Virulence
6 Natalia V Kirienko Aug 10, 2016
Expression in liver tissue of wildtype (wt) or hepatocyte specific Klf6 knockout (DeltaKLF6) after partial hepatectomy
6 Lars P Bechmann Aug 10, 2016
Dry age-related macular degeneration like pathology in aged 5XFAD mice: Ultrastructure and microarray analysis
6 Sung Wook Park Aug 10, 2016
RNAseq changes in fibroblasts after treatment with selected protein(s) or E16.5 skin extract
8 Mai-Yi Fan Aug 10, 2016
Phospho-site mutants of the RNA Polymerase II C-terminal domain alter subtelomeric gene expression and chromatin modification state in fission yeast
16 Jeffrey A Pleiss Aug 10, 2016
Imipramine Blue: A potent therapeutic regimen that suppresses breast cancer growth and metastasis
4 Yidong Chen Aug 10, 2016
Stilbenoids remodel the DNA methylation patterns in breast cancer cells and inhibit oncogenic NOTCH signaling through epigenetic regulation of MAML2 transcriptional activity
12 Barbara Stefanska Aug 10, 2016
AKT Isoform Specificity Downstream of PIK3CA Mutation Impacts Estradiol and PI3K Inhibitor Response in Breast Cancer Cells
24 Guanglong Jiang Aug 10, 2016
SMAD2/3 mediated transcripts in A549 cells
10 Mengfeng Li Aug 10, 2016
RNA-seq analysis determined the effect of pat or cobB mutation on transcriptional levels in Salmonella Typhimurium 14028s.
3 Yu Sang Aug 10, 2016
Genes in Inflammatory Bowel Disease-Associated Risk Loci Demonstrate Genotype-, Tissue-, and Inflammation-Specific Patterns of Expression in Terminal Ileum and Colon Mucosal Tissue
989 Ramnik J Xavier Aug 10, 2016
Mouse iNKT cell: Wild type Vs Bcl11b deficient
1 Dorina Avram Aug 10, 2016
Determine the effects of Hdac3 deletion on H3K27ac profiles in murine chondrocytes[ChIP-Seq]
4 Jennifer Jane Westendorf Aug 10, 2016
Determine the effects of Hdac3 deletion on H3K27ac profiles in murine chondrocytes[RNA-Seq]
2 Jennifer Jane Westendorf Aug 10, 2016