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CD133- HCC cells infected with miR-130b vs. empty vector control
2 Stephanie Ma Dec 10, 2010
Expression time series during the differentiation of ventral motor neurons from embryonic stem cells
18 Shaun Mahony Dec 10, 2010
Transcriptome drift of FADU after expression of HIF-1a, Twist1 or Bmi1
4 Muh-Hwa Yang Dec 10, 2010
Ligand-dependent dynamics of retinoic acid receptor binding during early neurogenesis
6 Shaun Mahony Dec 10, 2010
Gene expression analysis of FXR null, SHP null, and double FXR/SHP null mice
16 Scott Andrew Ochsner Dec 10, 2010
Genome wide screen reveals WNT11, a noncanonical WNT gene, as a target of ETS transcription factor ERG
8 Liliana H. Mochmann Dec 10, 2010
Transcriptional response to hypoxia of normal and rheumatoid arthritis synovial fibroblasts
36 Manuel J Del Rey Dec 10, 2010
Comparison of gene expression of L. reuteri ATCC PTA 6475 and L. reuteri 6475 PocR insertant
6 Delphine Saulnier Dec 10, 2010
Expression data in whole Arabidopsis seedlings after treatment with the herbicide dicamba
6 Cynthia Gleason Dec 10, 2010
Splenic CD4 T cells in naïve C57BL/6 mice or during Plasmodium berghei ANKA infection in C57BL/6 and B6.GzmB-/- mice.
12 Ashraful Haque Dec 10, 2010
Genome-wide mapping of the transcription factor GABP-alpha binding in human CD34+CD133+ hematopoietic progenitor cells.
2 Raja Jothi Dec 10, 2010
Altered antisense-to-sense transcript ratios in breast cancer: Sage-Seq
21 Kornelia Polyak Dec 10, 2010
Altered antisense-to-sense transcript ratios in breast cancer
28 Kornelia Polyak Dec 10, 2010
Gene expression of LMPC cells of infratentorial ependymomas when compared to LMPC ependymal cells
22 Björn Koos Dec 10, 2010
hHGF Overexpression in Myoblast Sheets Enhances Their Angiogenic Potential in Rat Chronic Heart Failure
4 Antti Siltanen Dec 10, 2010
Gene expression changes in NFAT5/TonEBP under isotonic and hypertonic conditions
4 Todd Lamitina Dec 10, 2010
Cell wall integrity is linked to mitochondria and phospholipid homeostasis in Candida albicans through the activity of the post-transcriptional regulator Ccr4-Pop2
4 Andre Nantel Dec 10, 2010
Transcriptional Profiling of Human Placentas from Pregnancies Complicated by Preeclampsia Reveals Disregulation of Sialic Acid Acetylesterase and Immune Signaling Pathways
60 Shengdar Tsai Dec 10, 2010
Altered antisense-to-sense transcript ratios in breast cancer: ASSAGE
3 Kornelia Polyak Dec 10, 2010
Developmental stages after fertilization in Salmo salar
51 Ben F Koop Dec 10, 2010