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Remove filtersFilter Remove filterApr 14, 2024
Aging-regulated PNUTS maintains endothelial barrier function via SEMA3B suppression
6 Reinier Boon Apr 14, 2024
scRNA-seq for Klf5 or SE deletion of mESC differentiation
4 Bohan Chen Apr 14, 2024
Effects of a humanized ectopic niche (human ossicle or hOss) on human hematopoiesis
3 Chloé Friedrich Apr 14, 2024
Effect of electroacupuncture on gene expression of adipose tissue in HFD-induced obese mice
9 Hongyan Gao Apr 14, 2024
Resident and recruited macrophages differentially contribute to cardiac healing after myocardial ischemia [bulk RNA-seq]
12 Markus Joppich Apr 14, 2024
Resident and recruited macrophages differentially contribute to cardiac healing after myocardial ischemia [scRNA-seq]
10 Markus Joppich Apr 14, 2024
The effect of T/B cell maturation deficiency on the pulmonary pathology of acute SARS-CoV-2 infection
6 Jay Kolls Apr 14, 2024
ChIP-seq analysis of G3BP1 in KGN cells
2 Nianyu Li Apr 14, 2024
High Expression of SRSF1 Facilitates Osteosarcoma Progression and Unveilsits Potential Mechanisms
12 Shuqi Li Apr 14, 2024
Expression of miRNA in exosomes from transudative pleural effusion and tuberculous pleural effusions
6 Li-Mei Liang Apr 14, 2024
Gene expression changes in primary human endometrial stromal cells following METTL3 knockdown during in vitro decidualization
4 Ji-Long Liu Apr 14, 2024
Global m6A-modified mRNAs in undecidualized and decidualized primary human endometrial stromal cells [meRIP-seq]
4 Ji-Long Liu Apr 14, 2024
Gene expression changes in conditional METTL3 overexpression mouse uterus compared to control mouse uterus on gestational day 8
2 Ji-Long Liu Apr 14, 2024
Investigating the phenotypic plasticity of two red grapevine varieties: an integrated study of transcriptome and environmentome by WGCNA
18 Angela Roberta Lo Piero Apr 14, 2024
Biological Effects of Intraoperative Radiation Therapy (IORT): Histopathological Changes and Immunomodulation in Breast Cancer Patients
37 Javier Orozco Apr 14, 2024
Alternate high fat diet aggravates atherosclerosis through an IL1b-dependent reprogramming of neutrophil progenitors
8 Mumin Ozturk Apr 14, 2024
Comprehensive transcriptomic profiling of glioblastoma patient-derived primary tumor cell lines using bulk RNA-sequencing
49 Sun Ha Paek Apr 14, 2024
Two distinct Trypanosoma eIF4F complexes co-exist, bind different mRNAs and are regulated during nutritional stress
65 Bernardo Papini Gabiatti Apr 14, 2024
Motility-activating mutations upstream of flhDC reduce acid shock survival of Escherichia coli
12 Kilian Schumacher Apr 14, 2024
Recognition of a pediatric glioblastoma-associated histone mutation by chromatin reader ZMYND8 promotes tumorigenesis
10 Yang Shi Apr 14, 2024