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Single cell RNA-seq of eight thousand epithelium cells from the mammary glands of adult mice
2 Gordon K Smyth Nov 20, 2017
Single cell RNA-seq of mouse mammary gland epithelium cells
6 Gordon K Smyth Nov 20, 2017
Integrative genome-wide analysis in non-small cell lung cancer cells
8 Dan Li Nov 20, 2017
Sono-Seq analysis of contextual fear conditioning
8 Lucia Peixoto Nov 20, 2017
GRHL2 is a key lineage determining factor which collaborates with FOXA1 to establish a targetable collateral pathway in the setting of endocrine therapy-resistant breast cancer
125 Jeff Jasper Nov 20, 2017
Post-transcriptional 3’UTR cleavage of mRNA transcripts generates thousands of stable uncapped autonomous RNA fragments
36 Tommy Kaplan Nov 20, 2017
H3S10ph broadly marks early-replicating domains in interphase ESCs and shows reciprocal antagonism with H3K9me2
42 Carol Chen Nov 20, 2017
The histone demethylase Kdm6 regulates a mature gene expression program in differentiating cerebellar granule neurons
6 Anne West Nov 20, 2017
Diabetes Impairs Wound-Healing by let-7d-3p-dependent DNMT1 Upregulation in Hematopoietic Stem Cells
4 Lyne Khair Nov 20, 2017
Spatial control of gene expression by miR319-regulated TCP transcription factors in leaf development
18 Edgardo Gabriel Bresso Nov 20, 2017
Single-cell transcriptome analysis of mouse fetal livers from different developmental stages
507 Xianbin Su Nov 20, 2017
Single-cell transcriptome analysis of EpCAM+ cells from P3.25 mouse fetal livers
52 Xianbin Su Nov 20, 2017
Single cell RNA-seq of ten-thousand epithelium cells from the mammary glands of mice in puberty, estrus and diestrus phases
4 Gordon K Smyth Nov 20, 2017
Gene expression analysis using RNA Sequencing of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae BY4741 Spt4-T42A/S43A mutant strain upon osmotic stress.
12 Francesc Posas Nov 20, 2017
Gene changes in response to asbestos and carbon nanotube exposure in the pleural cavity, measured using microarrays.
20 Kate Marie Dudek Nov 20, 2017
Innate and adaptive lymphocytes sequentially shape the gut microbiota and lipid metabolism
12 Andrew Martins Nov 20, 2017
Gene array analysis of primary mouse calvaria osteoblasts without differentiation, with differentiation, or with differentiation plus cabozantinib (XL184)
6 Li-yuan Yu-Lee Nov 20, 2017
PDX1 dynamically regulates pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma initiation and maintenance
3 Mats Ljungman Nov 20, 2017
Correlating anatomy and function with gene expression in individual neurons by combining in vivo labeling, patch clamp and single cell RNA-seq
927 Carsten Pfeffer Nov 20, 2017
Single cell RNA-seq of 186 basal and luminal epithelial cells from the mammary gland of adult mice
186 Gordon K Smyth Nov 20, 2017