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Remove filtersFilter Remove filterAug 25, 2011
Homo sapiens immortalized MSCs: KP vs. 3A6
2 Chih Chien Tsai Aug 25, 2011
Differential pre-mRNA processing in Crebbp+/- mice
31 Madeleine E. Lemieux Aug 25, 2011
Expression profiling in Macaca fascicularis liver samples
36 Tobias Heckel Aug 25, 2011
miRNA expression profiles from E18th rat embryonic striatal stem cells under conditioned environments
9 SOUMYA PATI Aug 25, 2011
B. japonicum USDA110 low manganese vs. high manganese
6 Mark R. O'Brian Aug 25, 2011
Identify the downstream targets of CHIR99021 and XAV939 in EpiSC using microarray analysis
12 Qilong Ying Aug 25, 2011
Gene expression response to bacterial phagocytosis by S2 cells (control and eater RNAi knock down)
24 Profile icon Christine Kocks Aug 25, 2011
Expression data from different samples of a single ccRCC patient: 7 primary intra-tumor samples and 2 metastatic tumor samples
9 Pierre Martinez Aug 25, 2011
Angus PRKG2 R678X homozygous (dwarf) cattle vs unaffected growth plate cartilage
12 James M Reecy Aug 25, 2011
Gene expression profiles of DFCs and SHED 48 hours after in vitro transfection with a TP53 plasmid, a SP1 plasmid, or an empty vector.
12 Christian Morsczeck Aug 25, 2011