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Tongue RNA expression after oropharyngeal candidiasis in mice deficient in CCL28
16 Anna R Huppler Jan 25, 2024
Global chromatin accessibility using an Assay for Transposase-Accessible Chromatin sequencing (ATAC-seq) reveals epigenomic reprogramming of Adipose tissue macrophages toward proinflammatory and proangiogenic phenotypes in formerly obese mice.
7 Mike Sapieha Jan 25, 2024
RNA-seq transcriptional profiling in primary human hepatocytes, short- and long-term cultured Proliferating human hepatocytes (in vitro/in vivo)
9 Lijian Hui Jan 25, 2024
Transcriptomic analysis of human foetal hearts with or without Down Syndrome
10 Victor Tybulewicz Jan 25, 2024
Transcriptomic changes in embryonic hearts from Dp3Tyb and Ts1Rhr mouse models of Down Syndrome
20 Victor Tybulewicz Jan 25, 2024
Dyrk1a dosage effects on the transcriptome of embryonic hearts from the Dp1Tyb mouse model of Down syndrome using bulk RNAseq
20 Victor Tybulewicz Jan 25, 2024
Dyrk1a dosage effects on the transcriptome of embryonic hearts from the Dp1Tyb mouse model of Down syndrome using scRNAseq
5 Victor Tybulewicz Jan 25, 2024
Down Syndrome
75 Victor Tybulewicz Jan 25, 2024
Immune Restoring (IR) CAR-T Cells Display Superior Antitumor Activity and Reverse Immunosuppressive TME in a Humanized ccRCC Orthotopic Mouse Model
8 JAE WON CHO Jan 25, 2024
Expression analysis of SPDEF KO and hRosa26 clones of hF27, CFPAC1 and HPAF-II orthotopically grafted into the pancreata of NSG mice.
29 Astrid Deschenes Jan 25, 2024
Leveraging chromatin state transitions for regulatory networks identification in heart regeneration
50 Gergana Dobreva Jan 25, 2024
ERG and c-MYC Co-regulate a Critical Gene Network in BCR-ABL1 B-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
27 Ashley P Ng Jan 25, 2024
Single-cell atlas of human infrapatellar fat pad and synovium unravels mechanisms of osteoarthritis-induced joint pathology
9 Lutian Yao Jan 25, 2024
Single-cell transcriptome Atlas reveals embryonic endothelial heterogeneity
6 Xiaoran Zhang Jan 25, 2024
Verteporfin targets CCR5 to inhibit TNBC growth and metastasis via YAP1
4 Ling Chen Jan 25, 2024
Dynamic changes of macrophage polarization during Salmonella infection in zebrafish
15 Mai-Eva Nguyen-chi Jan 25, 2024
Proinflammatory phenotype of iPS cell-derived JAK2 V617F megakaryocytes induces fibrosis in 3D in vitro bone marrow niche
6 Martin Zenke Jan 25, 2024
NFAT signaling is indispensable for persistent memory responses of MCMV-specific CD8+ T cells
18 M. Zeeshan Chaudhry Jan 25, 2024
Gene expression data of c-kit+ BM cells from Gadd45g-deficient mice with MPN and those from controls
2 Xiao Tong Ma Jan 25, 2024
Orai-mediated calcium entry regulates the excitability of central dopaminergic neurons
8 Gaiti Hasan Jan 25, 2024