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Pharmacokinetic, antihypertension and deep sequencing MiRNomes analysis of aorta from SHR fed with EGCG
3 Bingjun Qian Jan 20, 2018
DNA Methylation Targets Influenced by Bisphenol A and/or Genistein Are Associated with Survival Outcomes in Breast Cancer Patients
20 Rohit Ramakant Jadhav Jul 09, 2017
tRNA-Derived Small Non-Coding RNAs in Response to Ischemia Inhibit Angiogenesis
10 Qing Li Mar 16, 2016
Effects of eye opening on gene expression in the superficial layers of the rat superior colliculus
6 Rory Kirchner Sep 09, 2015
Rat pineal gland RNA-Seq PolyA project
3 Steven Coon Mar 23, 2015
Expression of microRNAs in rat kidney treated with a carcinogenic dose of Aristolochic Acid
8 Zhiguang Li Jan 15, 2015
Required Enhancer: Matrin-3 Structure Interactions for Homeodomain Transcription Programs
11 Qi Ma Aug 03, 2014
High-Resolution Profiling of Novel Transcribed Regions During Rat Spermatogenesis
8 Frédéric Chalmel Jun 01, 2014
Genome wide effects of maternal undernutrition
3 Gioia Altobelli May 20, 2014
Characterization of genome-wide transcriptional changes in liver and adipose tissues of ZDF (fa/fa) rats fed R-α-lipoic acid by next-generation sequencing
16 Jean-Jack M. Riethoven Jan 08, 2014
Subcellular RNA Sequencing Reveals Broad Presence of Cytoplasmic Intron-sequence Retaining Transcripts in Mouse and Rat Neurons.
26 Junhyong Kim Oct 15, 2013
Novel long non-coding RNAs are involved in cellular response to angiotensin II signaling
8 Amy Leung Jun 30, 2013
Genome-wide analysis of acetylated H4K5 binding offers new insights into the acute and chronic effects of METH on gene expression in the dorsal striatum
5 Jean Lud Cadet Feb 28, 2013
Comparing next-generation sequencing and microarray technologies in a toxicological study of the effects of aristolochic Acid on rat kidneys
8 Zhenqiang Su Feb 02, 2012
Deep sequencing and proteomics analysis reveal globally dysregulated expression of microRNA and their target genes in rat kidneys treated by carcinogenic dose of Aristolochic Acid
8 Zhiguang Li, Tao Chen Jan 01, 2012
Gene expression profiling reveals potential breast cancer prevention mechanisms associated with the rat Mcs5a allele (DGE)
6 Bart M. G. Smits Nov 29, 2011
5-hydroxymethylcytosine-mediated epigenetic dynamics during neurodevelopment and aging [5hmC Capture and Seq]
24 Keith E Szulwach Oct 30, 2011
5-hydroxymethylcytosine-mediated epigenetic dynamics during neurodevelopment and aging
30 Keith E Szulwach Oct 30, 2011
Rapid transcription of arc/arg3.1 and other very fast immediate early genes in response to neuronal activity is mediated by a stalled RNA polymerase II mechanism
1 Ramendra N Saha May 24, 2011
mRNA-seq with Agnostic Splice Site Discovery for CNS Transcriptomics Tested in Chronic Pain
24 Peter Beyerlein May 02, 2010