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Exon Level Machine Learning Analyses Elucidate Novel Candidate miRNA Targets in an Avian Model of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
4 Abrar E Al-Shaer Aug 01, 2018
Morphological and transcriptomic effects of endocrine modulators on the gonadal differentiation of chicken embryos: the case of tributyltin (TBT)
16 GenXPro GenXPro Dec 15, 2017
miRNA expression profiling in liver of juvenile and egg-laying hens
6 HONG LI Feb 09, 2017
MicroRNA expression in chicken cecum following Campylobacter jejuni infection
4 XIANYAO LI Jul 25, 2016
Expression profiling of DT40 chicken B cell line by RNA-seq
1 Andrew J Oler Sep 04, 2015
Extrachromosomal DNA (microDNA) in Human, Mouse and Chicken
24 Anindya Dutta May 08, 2015
Deep Sequencing-Based Transcriptome Analysis of Chicken Spleen in Response to J Subgroup Avian Leukosis Virus (ALV-J) Infection.
2 Zhenhui Li Nov 15, 2014
Differentiation state-specific mitochondrial dynamic regulatory networks are revealed by global transcriptional analysis of the developing chicken lens.
8 Marc Kantorow Jul 02, 2014
The evolution of lncRNA repertoires and expression patterns in tetrapods
55 Anamaria Necsulea Jan 19, 2014
Systematic discovery of spleen miRNAs involved in host response to avian pathogenic Escherichia coli (APEC) by deep sequencing and integrated analysis
3 Xinzheng Jia Oct 19, 2013
Distinct Global Shifts in Genomic Binding Profiles of Limb Malformation Associated HOXD13 Mutations
13 Peter Hansen Aug 19, 2013
Marek's Disease Virus Infection Induces Differential Chromatin Marks and Tissue-specific effects in inbred chicken lines
8 Apratim Mitra Jan 01, 2013
Evolution of mammalian miRNA genes
38 Henrik Kaessmann Oct 01, 2012
Epigenomic profiling of enhancers identifies orphan nuclear receptors NR2F1 and NR2F2 as novel regulators of human neural crest.
4 Alvaro Rada Sep 13, 2012
A cross-species analysis of microRNAs in the developing avian face
11 Kara Powder May 02, 2012
The evolution of gene expression levels in mammalian organs
131 Henrik Kaessmann Oct 13, 2011